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Thursday Night - Club Night

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Sunday, June 29, 2014


Well done Monty and Stacey... picture

Saturday, June 28, 2014

RESULTS - Club Night 26th June: Mixed Pairs and Singles

Thursday was the Club Champs Mixed Pairs. For those without a partner for the Mixed Pairs a Singles event was also run. All info provided this week by Stephen "Cha We We" Holt.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

RESULTS - Club Night Thursday 19th June

Due to a bit of a communications hiccup I didn't receive last Thursday's club night singles results until today. So here they are...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


West City Darts Club Championships

The following date is set for our Club Championships.
June 26th - Mixed Pairs

RESULTS - Adult & Child Pairs Sunday 22nd June

22 pairs entered the West City Adult & Child Pairs tournament on Sunday. Joshua Penny and Rod Penny ran out the winners on the day in this popular event which is run to encourage the youth of darts as much as entertain the adults.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Poll just finished - Club Night 401 or 501?

These polls on the blog are very un-scientific but the results can be interesting none the less. The last poll was "The West City club night qualifying games are best of 3 legs 401. Do you prefer 401 or 501 for these games?" The results were well in favour of 501 by approx 76% to 24%.

It seems that the tried and true 501 is hard to shift, probably because it is the standard and 401 can be over just that bit quicker if one good score (say 120+) is hit by a player, not giving the other player much time to get back in the game. The difference between 401 and 501 doesn't seem a lot but it can have that kind of impact on a game. I know that 401 was brought in to speed the night along as often the final wasn't finishing until around midnight. Not much of a concern if you are not used to reaching a semi-final or final but a late finish for those that do and the volunteers who run the night's event and others who have to close up the club. So maybe 401 will be persevered with by those setting the rules on club night despite the poll result. Just for the record I voted for 401 :)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Club Night Results - Thursday 12th June

Another great turnout for Club Night with 36 players entering the Singles. This week it was the old guard contesting the final, Monty Tuhua and Mike Day. This rivalry has been keen especially over the last couple of years, and this time Monty ran out the winner. Mike beat big scoring Mick Lacey (6 x 180s on the night) in his semi-final and Monty beat the consistent Blair Hutchison in his semi-final.

Mick Lacey x6; Monte Tuhua x5; Dean Faithfull x2; Geoff Koster x2; Daniel Smith x1
High Finishes:
Geoff Koster 104; Jack Mitchell 116, 120; Charles Shiers 120; Anthony Benitez 121; Mick Lacey 126, 164; Dean Webster 128.

Sorry Mike and Monty about the picture... sometimes I can't help myself  ;) - Rockirad

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Late Results - NZDC Canterbury Open

News of tournaments down the line doesn't always surface very quickly. Sometimes it can be a week or more after a tournament has taken place that I am made aware of the results (and sometimes not at all !). One such tournamament is the NZDC Canterbury Open which took place last weekend (June 1st). Three West City players (Mike Day, Tina Osborne, Peggy Wikaira) featured in the Mens and Ladies Semi Finals with Tina going on to win the Ladies event. With the win Tina maintained her NZDC No.1 ranking with Peggy ranked joint 6th. Mike has dropped from his NZDC No.1 ranking to joint 3rd

Friday, June 6, 2014

Product Evaluation - Rotating Dartboard Bracket

Until recently I never thought much about how the dart board hangs on the wall. My practice board has always just been a screw in the back of the board which I then hooked into a U shaped bracket screwed to the wall. Probably because of a bit of friction the board doesn't turn easily when using this method and being the lazy-ass I am, I tend not to rotate the board as often as I should to stop all the wear being in the one place around the treble 20, because I have to take the board off the wall to rotate it (way too much hassle !.. and honest, I do get pretty close to the T20 most times in practice). Well there is a little product around (for those of you that don't know) that utilises a round bracket that screws into the back of the board which then slots into a U shaped bracket. The board is easy to rotate without taking it off the wall and so... you get more life out of your board by evening out the wear. Now a lot of you may know about this already but I didn't until recently so I've blogged it for those who are like me :)
I believe you can get these from Manukau Dart Supplies in Lambie Drive, not sure where else, although some new boards may already come with these?

Club Night Results - Thursday 5th June

35 players attended the Thursday club night singles. The final was between the current Auckland Area Singles Champion, Deon Toki, and a former West City Singles Champion Gary Whyte. Deon ran out the winner to underline his status as one of the leading players on club nights

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Late News - DPNZ Canterbury Open

Craig Caldwell shot to the top of the DPNZ rankings after winning the Caterbury DPNZ Open on the the 24th May. The Open featured the four top ranked DPA (Asustralia) players who crossed the ditch in search of the spoils but the final was betwen two Kiwis in Caldwell and Tony Carmichael. Craig ran out the winner 7-3. Auckland's Mick Lacey made the quarter-finals but lost to Aussie Shane Tichowitsch 2-5.

The Ladies Final was between West City's Tina Osbourne and Waihi's Wendy Harper, with Wendy winning 6-4. This result maintained the status quo in the Ladies DPNZ Rankings with Wendy No.1 and Tina at No.2

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Poll feature update

Poll not working update.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Darts on SKY TV

If you have SKY TV now that the PDC Premier League has finished you have to keep an eye out for upcoming events. There are two events on this week, one delayed, one live.