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Saturday, March 29, 2014

West City qualifiers for the NZDC Region 2 Auckland team

Thursday the 27th was qualifying for the the players looking to represent West City in the NZDC Region 2 play-offs for a place in the Auckland team. It is always a tough night with a everybody playing everybody in a round robin and the reps selected purely from the final number of wins they end up with. The were 6 places up for grabs in the Ladies and 8 places in the Mens, with 2 reserves spots in case of dropouts in the Region 2 play-offs which will be held at West City on Sunday 13th April.

Ladies Qualifiers:
Tina Osborne, Peggy Wikaira, Olivia Curreen, Loretta hunter, Stacey Heavey, Colleen Curreen
Reserves - Maine Ngametua, Ngauru Wikaira

Mens Qualifiers:
Mike Day, Monte Tuhua, Mike Collett, Stephen Holt, Geoff Koster, Blair Neverman, Nathan Holt, Peter Page
Reserves - Dave Curreen, Steve Hanley

Ladies Qualifying Results Sheets

Mens Qualifying Results Sheets

Club Night Results Thursday 27th March

22 players entered the club night singles. The event was minus the players who fancied a chance at making the NZDC Region 2 Auckland team with the Ladies and Mens West City section play-offs taking place at the club on the same night. Again youth player Jack Mitchell made the semi-finals, but it was Frank Riddell with playing experience in UK leagues from years past and a former West City Singles Champion Gary Whyte who played out the final. Frank won the showdown to claim the night's spoils and as a new player at the club this year is one to watch out for.

180s: Jack Mitchell x 1, Gary Whyte x 1
High Finishes: 106 Willz Terore, 102 & 110 Dean Webster.

The full results of the knockout stages are here

Monday, March 24, 2014

Region 2 Play-Offs for West City

West City section play-offs this Thursday 27th March for the Region 2 play-offs details:

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Club Night Results - Thursday 20th March

41 players entered Club Night on Thursday 21st March. A mention must go to youth player Jack Mitchell who made the semi-finals again and looks like a good prospect for the future if he keeps progressing. The club is actually looking strong on the youth front with the likes of Jack, Nathan Holt, Stacey Heavey and Aimee Holt just to mention a few. As usual the Main Event (being the Final) was between two of the big guns Mike Day and Mick Lacey. This week Mike prevailed and went some way towards making up for the frustration of losing last week's final to Monte Tuhua. Another mention goes to Mick Lacey for another 170 finish as well.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Darts 101 - Tip No.1: The Coin Toss

The coin toss for who throws first for the bull which then in turn decides who gets to throw first in a game is the traditional way to start a game. But is there a secret to winning the coin toss? Winning that toss is crucial when it come to the deciding leg. If you win the toss and get to throw first at the bull you can get a good shot in and block site of the bull for your opponent, assuming you don't hit the inner bull and have to take it out. But if you do hit the inner bull and have to take it to give your opponent a clear shot at the bull, then you have the psychological adavantage... or do you? Anyway... here is Darts 101 Tip No.1 from Father Ted and Dougal. Watch Dougal and he will show you how to win that vital coin toss !

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thursday Club Night Format...

As those who have been present on club nights for the last two weeks will know, the qualifying group stage format has been changed from 'Best of Three - 501' to 'Best of Three - 401'. The consequent knockout rounds then revert back to 501. Along with a prompt 7.30pm start this has resulted in the night finishing around 11pm instead of 12pm.

For my part I am more inclined to hang around and watch the final at 11pm (I actually always hope to be in the final but I guess my average is going to have to go up a bit for that to happen), as it still means getting home at a reasonable time. I am guessing most players have welcomed the new format and the more acceptable time for the night to finish but actual feedback is always good (you can use the comments). As well as the time factor I think 401 is also a bit of a leveler, giving everybody more of a chance at beating a better opponent. My vote is to keep the 'Best of Three - 401'... what's yours?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hastings Open Drawn Pairs flyer

PUMA NZ Masters details and entry form

Click Here for the Singles and Pairs entry form

PUMA New Zealand Masters weekend in June

Des Heavey Memorial Flyer

Club Night Results - Thursday 13th March

A good turn out this Thursday with 24 qualifiers for the knockout rounds. There was a noteable performance from Pine Heke who made the Semis (scoring 2 x 180s on the way) along with the club big guns Mike Day, Monte Tuhua and Mick Lacey.
Semi Finals with Mick, Monte, Pine and Mike.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Waitakere RSA Mixed Pairs and Youth Tournament this Sunday

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Updated: Full Results - Club Night 6th March

Trying a new way of displaying the club night results... as opposed to displaying directly in the page, this is a link to a PDF with the full results.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

This blog...

This blog for West City Darts was originally started by Peter Page after Paul Williams who had been running a West City website moved on (I believe this is correct). At the moment I am the main contributor along with Mike Day who occasionally posts. We do it because we love darts and West City, being our club, is the main benefactor of the blog posts.

It is time consuming and does take a back seat for me sometimes if I have other things that I am busy with, hence some weeks you won't see any posts for several days. I also struggle for things to put on at times and resort to PDC or BDO snippets rather than local stuff. I am a very casual player at the moment confined to just club nights at West City in the main and this means that I don't have the "local news" reach that Peter had. Peter did a great job and since he stopped posting the readership has declined. Peter knows a lot of darts people nationally and gets all around the country playing darts or traveling to support Peggy Wikaira. Peter is also very well read (as in books etc) and consequently came up with some interesting articles based around darts at times. I know a lot of darts people used to visit the blog two, three, four, five times a week such was its popularity.

So why am I writing this post? Well a bit of feedback I had the other week was that the blog isn't visited as much these days by people outside of West City because it used to be a very good source for news of upcoming events and now it isn't, its all about just West City. With West City also now having a Facebook presence sometimes the West City news is duplicated. At times I do consider whether I should carry on especially as I don't have the sources for news other than West City, I don't always have the time during the week (and sometimes the inclination as my job entails sitting behind two PC screens all day), more people seem to prefer Facebook these days, the blog readership seems a bit sparse at times and well... is it worth the effort?

I've put a poll up on the right hand column to see just how much people think of the blog and the content... have a vote and I'll watch the results roll in (or will that be trickle in?)

Club Night Thursday 6th March - Finals Results

Only the Semi Finals and Final results were available at the time of this post..
Mick Lacey ponders his next throw as Monte Tuhua takes aim