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Friday, February 28, 2014

Club Night Results - Thursday 27th Feb

There were 30 entries for club night with youth players featuring strongly. 16 players qualified for the knockout rounds with 4 of these being youth players, namely Jack Mitchell (getting to the semi finals), Jordan Lacey, Billie Johnson and Charles Shiers. Dion Toki, who is in hot form at the moment, took out the final over Geoff Koster.

High Finishes: 
114 Stephen Holt, 136 Mike Radford, 136 and 120 Dion Toki
2 x Dion Toki, 2 x Geoff Koster, 1 x Llyod Watters, 1 x Gary Whyte, 1 x Dean Webster.

Knockout Rounds Results

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Auckland Area Singles Results - 22nd Feb

There was a great turn out today with 22 ladies and 36 Men for the Auckland Area Singles. The Auckland Ladies and Mens Teams were also announced

Club Night Results - Thursday 20th Feb

46 players turned out for Club Night.
The highlights were 4 x 180s from Mike Day and a 170 finish from Mick Lacey as well as 3 x 180s ! 

180s: Mike Day x 4, Mick Lacey x 3, Geoff Koster x 2, Loretta Hunter x 1, Jordan Lacey x 1, Steve Hanley x 1,  Lloyd Tomkins x 1, Stephen Holt x 1.

High Finishes:
100 Geoff Koster, 106 Jeanette Scott,  111 Lloyd Tomkins, 111 Nathan Holt, 112 Steve Hanley, 148 Frank Riddel, 170 Mick Lacey.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How important are the darts?

There is a lot of speculation in darting circles as to Phil Taylor's loss of form in the PDC's Premier League with a 0-7 whitewash to Michael van Gerwen in week 1 and a 3-7 loss to Adrian Lewis in week 2. Some of the speculation surrounds his change of darts not only to a slightly different shape but also a new manufacturer. Taylor has switched from his long standing backing by Unicorn to Target darts for a sum reputed to be in the region of NZ$6million for 5 years !

Taylor does seem to be struggling but his average in the Premier League is still just under the 100 mark (I wish I could struggle like that). I think the new darts is a red herring as to his form loss. I remember playing at the old Auckland United Darts several years ago and being impressed by Ritchie TeWhero (sorry Ritchie you don't impress me so much now I can throw a little bit). On this particular night Ritchie had forgotten his darts and proceeded to borrow other people's darts throughout the night, all different shapes and weights. It didn't bother RTW.
Club President Peggy with RTW
I can't remember if he won the night outright but it was still the same RTW banging in the wins with whatever and whoever's darts he could borrow. Ritchie might be able to confirm this story if he can remember, but at the time I was left thinking "how importatnt are the darts really?". If your technique is sound, your concentration on the mark and your confidence high maybe the darts themselves just fly the way you throw them because you adapt.
Getting back to Taylor I think he has had a few weeks off after his below par World Champs in which time he has lost a lot of weight due to a new exercise regime and he is taking his time to get back into gear. Don't forget he has probably played two of the best three players in the world so far and he won't meet the other of the three in the Premier League because it's himself. I think the other Premier League players should watch out, the bear is likely to come out of it's hibernation soon and somebody is going to get a hiding because he will be mad and hungry right now. This is the Premier League, Taylor won't want to be an 'also ran' and he hasn't lost his mojo. In between the two Premier League weeks he won a UK Open qualifier scoring two 9 darters on the way, one to beat Adrain Lewis in the final ! Hey that's my 2 cents, feel free to use the comments about what you think...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

An Interview With Phil Taylor - Part 3

Rod Harrington wraps up the interview with Phil Taylor

Hastings Darts Asociation - NZDC North Island Masters Flyer

Hastings Darts Asociation - Open Drawn Pairs Flyer

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

An Interview With Phil Taylor - Part 2

Rod Harrington interview with Phil Taylor - part 2

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A little bit of darts humour...

Monday, February 10, 2014

An Interview With Phil Taylor - Part 1

Phil Taylor talks darts with Rod Harrington...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Canterbury Classic - more final results...

More success for West City's Peggy Wikaira at the NZDC Canterbury Classic. Peggy is looking back to her best for 2014 if these results are anything to go by. Well done Peggy !

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mike Day & Stephen Holt at the World Darts Trophy Blackpool UK

Mike Day and Stephen Holt traveled last week to the UK to play in the Daily Mirror sponsored BDO World Darts Trophy. Mike Day was an invited player so did not have to partake in the preliminary rounds, being seeded through to the first round proper. Stephen had to go through the prelims and as this was Stephen's first overseas tournament he was going to find it tough but a great experience never the less.

Stephen had a bye in the first preliminary round and faced David Wilson from England (who I believe is  ranked 1014 in the BDO) in the next preliminary round. Unfortunately Stephen lost 0-4 in a best of 7 legs game, so lost the opportunity to progress from that point. I don't have any other details as regards the game but I think Stephen is to be commended for making the trip to the UK and having a go as I am sure it would have been pretty daunting to stand on the oche over there and perform at your best in such a one off short format encounter.

Mike also lost his first game to Ross Montgomery from Scotland (ranked 6th in the BDO) in the first round proper, but at least he had Stephen to console him. This was always going to be an extremely hard game for Mike as there would be no easy legs against a man ranked 6th. The game went this way:

0-1 Mike Day kicked off the match taking the first leg
1-1 High scores from Ross in this second leg evens the match
2-1 Ross kicked off the 3rd leg with 140, 137 and double top for the 3rd leg
3-1 Both players hit high scores in this leg and double 3 gives Ross the leg
4-1 60 out in this 5th leg leg gives Ross the advantage
5-1 18 dart leg including 135 and 140 moves Ross to one leg of the win
6-1 Despite Mike hitting high scores Ross hit some clinical darts to win the game. Ross had an impressive 94 average in this game but both players played some excellent darts.
Match report courtesy of the BDO

As you can see from this report, a 94 average from Montgomery is right up there, but the report mentions both players played some excellent darts, so well done again Mike following on from your effort at the Lakeside World Champs. I am sure you will be a better player for the experience and it was another courageous effort !

Early result from Canterbury Classic...

West City Darts President Peggy Wikaira and Freddie Granada won the Mixed Pairs of the NZDC Canterbury Classic on Friday night.The Singles are being held today (Saturday)

New Lynn RSA Memorial Fours and Singles Flyer

Club Night Results - 6th Feb

35 players entered the Club Night Singles with 18 qualifying for the knockout stages. For the second week in a row Mick Lacey ran out the winner beating Monte Tuhua in the final and Mick looks to be the one to beat in the early weeks of 2014

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Club Night - Thursday 6th February


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

RE-POST: Northern Area Champs 2014

RE-POST: Flyer for the Northern Area Champs Mixed Pairs/Mens & Ladies Pairs/Mens & Ladies Singles to be held during February

ADA AGM this Saturday

Auckland Darts Association AGM is on the Saturday the 8th February...

DPNZ - New Website !

DPNZ has a new website with news, results, rankings, itinery, resources and more... check it out here