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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Club Night Results 4/12/14; Ham and Chicken Drawn Pairs

38 Players entered Thursday Night Ham and Chicken Drawn Pairs.

There were some very good games played during the qualifying rounds with 11 teams advancing to the knockout stage.

Jack Mitchell and Josh Short defeated Dave Curreen and Rob Scott in the final.

Josh Short, a new player to West City Darts played very well, particularly in the Semi final and final, supporting his partner Jack Mitchell.

In the Semi Finals Jack and Josh defeated Aimee Holt and Mike Day and Dave Curren and Rob Scott defeated Pat O'Connell and Sharmaine Watters.

Darts Fundraiser this Friday at West City Darts. Everyone Welcome

There is a fundraiser this Friday at West City Darts Association.
Please find attached the Flyer.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

West City Super League Playoffs

The final Super League playoff will be held this Friday at West City Darts Association.
With payout to the top 8 players in both the Championship and plate round, every player is still in with a chance to win money.

Any player who played in the super league qualifiers is still eligible to play in the plate round.

To date an incredible 248 x 180's and 76  x 100+ finishes  have been hit.
Leading  180 hitters are Ken Moir, 36 and Mick Lacey, 31.
Mike Collett leads the  100+ finishes with 9,

All spectators welcome. Come along and watch some quality games.

Championship Points
1 Mike Day 20
2 Mick Lacey 18
3 Ken Moir 13
4 Deon Toki 10
5 Mike Collett 8
5 Jack Mitchell 8
7 Monty Tuhua 7
7 Geoff Koster 7
9 Stephen Holt 6
9 Blair Neverman 6
9 Dean Webster 6
12 Calio Henry 5
12 Robb Webb 5
14 Charles Shiers 4
14 Mike Buttar 4
14 Heemi Johnson 4
Plate Round Points
1 Richard TeWhero 24
2 Gary Whyte 15
3 Dave Curreen 12
4 Peter Page 10
5 Ngauru Wikaira 8
6 Tuli Tauetau 8
7 Frank Riddell 7
8 Glenn Holt 7
9 David Day 7
10 Jim Hennah 6
11 Mark Drew 6
12 Colleen Curreen 5
13 Stacey Heavey 5
14 Bill Johnson 4
15 Billie Johnson 4
16 Joseph Gallina 4

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Colleen Curreen & Loretta Hunter Shine at Auckland Champ of Champs

West City's Colleen Curreen and Loretta Hunter have taken out the Auckland Champion of Champions Ladies Pairs.

Colleen and Loretta defeated  Maria Siavale & Nga Smythe in the final.
Full results below.


1st Round knockout
Ada 3 bt Acida 3
2nd round knockout
Rsa 1 bt Ada 3
Ada 2 bt Counties 1
Counties 4 bt Counties 3
West City 1 bt Acida 2
Cosmo 3 bt City of Sales 1
West City 3 bt Rsa 2
Acida 1 bt Northern Area 2
Ada 1 bt Cosmo 4
3rd Round Knockout
Rsa 1 bt Ada 2
West City 1 bt Counties 4
West City 3 bt Ada 1
Ada 1 bt Acida 1
Semi Finals
West City 1 bt Rsa 1
Ada 1 bt West City 3
Runner Up
Ada 1 (Maria Siavale & Nga Smythe)
West City 1 (Loretta Hunter & Colleen Curreen)
180’S Vaine Tuiatana, Olivia Ahsin
Highest finishes: Te Amo Harris 90, Jennie Heavey 92, Te Kupa Meti 106.

Club nightResults 27/11/14

All during November and December West City Darts Association runs a handicap drawn pairs for Hams and Chickens.
This is open to all players wishing to play.

The results for last 27/11/14 tabled below.

Geoff Koster & Lou Williams
Geoff Koster & Lou Williams
Jack Mitchell & Jeanette Scott    
Mike Day & Stacey Heavey
Charles Shiers & David  Heavey    
Mike Day & Stacey Heavey    
Mike Day & Stacey Heavey    
Mike Day & Stacey Heavey
Monty Tuhua & Evanjahlene Watters  
Monty Tuhua & Evanjahlene Watters  
Stephen Holt & Andrew Bias      
Monty Tuhua & Evanjahlene Watters  
Nathan Holt & Bill johnson  
Mark Drew & Aimee Holt  
Mark Drew & Aimee Holt  

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Results of the Maori Pairs Tournament 2/11/14

T Weko - T Henderson
W Henry - C Henry T Weko - T Henderson
R TeWhero - T Lee R TeWhero - T Lee
F Morris - M Ngare R TeWhero - T Lee  
P Hape - V Rangitawa Cody & Sonny Harris
B Kapa - D Toki P Hapa - V Rangitawa  
R Shedlock - T Acton C Harris - S Harris
C Harris - S Harris C Harris - S Harris
S Davis - T Reuben C Robson - W Hopokingi
R Komene & R Komene - S Matekuare
S Matekuare  R Komene - S Matekuare
W Taylor - L Tai W Taylor - L Tai  
T Irwin - J White C Robson - W Hopokingi
C Robson - W Hopokingi C Robson - W Hopokingi  
H Johnson- B Hutchison    C Robson - W Hopokingi
R Grant - T Ngeru
180's: J Saddlier 1st; C Robson most;M Ngare; D Toki; R Grant x 2; S Davis;C Harris;
T Henderson; W Henry; S Harris x2; W Hopokini.
FINISH: S Tonga 106
MENS CONSOLATION: Fraider - Edwards    
  TeRori - TeRori TeRori - TeRori  
  Turei - Patu                   DARREN DESAI - DAMIEN ROBSON
  Robson - Desai Robson - Desai  
M Siavale - T Kahaki
L Edmonds - K White M Sialvale - T Kahaki
P Pareanga O Simpson K McDermott - N Heke
K McDermott - N Heke K McDermott - N Heke  
R Wells - J Kinita Rita Wells - Jo Kinita
J Brown - J Brown R Wells - J Kinita  
M Johnson - D Pulefale R Wells - J Kinita
S Heavey - N Wikaira   S Heavey - N Wikaira
H Flintoff - C Matthews  A Neho - L Pike
A Neho - L Pike  
R TeWhero - C Smith  
Anna Neho - Lorraine Pike
T Osborne - J Jonathan  
T Osborne - J Jonathan
Y Williams - T Morris
CONSOLATION: G Taylor - M Tai    
  S Matthews - V Epiha S Matthews - V Epiha  
  E Lewis - N Fox                     RACHEL PHILLIPS - MAXINE TAAKA
  R Phillips - M Taaka  R Phillips - M Taaka  
180:  V Epiha (Her 1st)  


The New Zealand Maori Tournament was held at West City darts last Weekend.
Though the numbers were down a little, the standard was high with many closely fought games.

The Men's championship was won by Cody Harris. Cody has been in superb form this year and it was not surprising to see him take this title.

Runner-Up was Monte Tuhua.

In the Woman's final Lorraine Pike defeated Jeanette Jonathan

T Henderson
V Rangitama Troy Henderson
M Tuhua Monte Tuhua
L Tai Monte Tuhua  
C Robson Monte Tuhua
B Kapa Chris Robson    
W Henry Chris Robson  
B Hutchison Blair Hutchison  
T Lee Tony Ngeru  
R Grant Tony Ngeru    
R Shedlock Richard Shadlock    
C Harris Cody Harris
D Toki Cody Harris  
T Irwin Cody Harris
S Davis Steve Davis
Winner:                       Sonny Harris  
Runner Up: Richard Te Whero
K White
A Neho Ana Neho
R Wells Lorraine Pike
L Pike Lorraine Pike  
R Te Whero Lorraine Pike
T Osborne Tina Osborne    
S Lewis Tina Osborne  
P Wikaira Peggy Wikaira  
N Heke Jo Kinita  
J Johnathan Jannette Jonathan    
K Bennett Jannette Jonathan    
K McDermott Jannette Jonathan
J Brown K McDermott  
G Taylor Gail Taylor
D Pulefale Gail Taylor
Winner: Stacey Heavey
Runner Up: Elaine Lewis