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Saturday, June 29, 2013

DPA Results

Click on the image to go to the PDC website story
The DPA is definitely pushing ahead with the promotion of darts in Australia and this is resulting in recognition from the PDC in the UK (DPA and DPNZ are aligned with the PDC). The previous double header weekend's results from the Nerang Darts Club on the Gold Coast where Kyle Anderson and James Bailey won the Saturday and Sunday events featured on the PDC website, demonstrating that the PDC takes Australian darts seriously at the moment. Can NZ follow and raise the profile of the game here as well? To let us know what you think click on the comments below...

Friday, June 28, 2013

IMPORTANT NEWS - DPNZ Youth Eligibility

Click on the image to the right to view the DPNZ Memo on Youth tournament age eligibility rule changes.

This is a significant change to the age criteria.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

NZ Supporters shirt For Sale

These shirts are on sale online at

I really like them and just have to get one so will be putting my order in. Three great kiwi icons, the colour black, the silver fern and the southern cross.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Something Funny

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wildcard Qualifier Sydney Darts Masters 9/7/13 Upper Hutt Cossie Club

Labour Weekend Tournament, Greytown

Monday, June 17, 2013

Gordon Allpress NZ Darts Legend

If you were having a discussion about who was NZ's finest male dart player one of the names to be discussed would be Gordon Allpress. Gordon is 64 years old now and retired from playing top darts in 1992 to spend more time with his family. He still plays now but only once a week at the Canterbury and Suburban Darts Association club night held on a Thursday. It is now just a social night out. Recently I met him for the first time at the Canterbury Open and then the NZ Masters. He told me this was the first NZ Masters he had been to as when he played up to 1992 it was not an event.
Gordon played rugby and rugby league before starting to play darts in a Saturday league team for the Woolston Working Men's Club in 1970 at the age of 21. His Mother and Aunty played darts and they were probably who introduced him to the game. He told me the first season he played he never won a singles match and was ribbed much by his team mates. In those days you played a round robin of pairs and then one game of singles.
In 1972 he watched the Australasian Darts Championships when they were held in Lower Hutt. That was an annual competition which no longer exists between the Australian states and New Zealand. He decided he wanted to be part of that and by 1973 he was in the NZ team.
He has played in various parts of the World. Australia, England and Hawaii representing NZ. He played in the Embassy World Championships twice. He was part of a NZ team of himself, Robbie Furmage, Lillian Barnett and Janie Karena who were the first NZ team to win the Asia Pacific Cup. He played in World Cups in Copenhagen, Nelson and Brisbane. He has played in Pacific Cups in Melbourne and Auckland. Won a men's pairs in those competitions with Barry Whittaker and mixed pairs with Lottie Chalcraft. Domestically he has been involved in many Canterbury Region teams, South island teams and won many titles. So many he has probably forgotten many of them. One highlight for him was winning the NZ singles the year he retired in 1992 and then after being absent from darts for 11 years playing again and winning the NZ singles in 2003.
Players that he respected were Murray Smith and Barry Whittaker. Internationally John Lowe and Eric Bristowe both of whom he got to play and win legs against.
Talking to the older Canterbury players who have known " Gordy " a long time he is hugely admired in that part of the darting world and has the greatest respect. He has been a mentor to many.
I asked him what advice he would give to any player who wanted to improve and develop his game. He said he would need to look at that player but a basic thing is technique. He said some players can get in a rut and not improve much but changes in technique can bring greater consistency. Players have to be prepared to make a change and bed it in with practice so it becomes natural. He says he is still learning and it is an on going process.  Perserverance is required. When he was at his peak he only practicised 30 minutes a day but he was out playing a lot and that was what kept him in good form.
I do not know Gordy that well but I could not help be impressed by the way he plays, his way of throwing and his general demeanour. He is a rather an understated person that exhibits a certain mental strength and presence on the oche that you do not see in many. I can see why he was so successful.
Gordon Allpress NZDC titles:
NZ Men's Open 1986
NZ Men's Singles 78, 85, 86, 87, 92 and 2003.
NZ Men's Pairs with Barry Whittaker in 1986, 1991.
NZ Mixed Pairs with G. Leen 1980. With L.Barnett 1987.
NZ Husband and Wife in 1973.
He was also a NZ Darts Council Director for 5 years.

Wikipedia entry

Gordon Allpress (born 1949) is a semi-retired New Zealand darts player who competed in the 1980s.
He competed in the 1980 and 1981 Embassy BDO World Darts Championships but was defeated by Scotland's Jocky Wilson in 1980 and by the American darts player David Miller in the first round in 1981.[1] He has won the New Zealand men's singles title 6 times and last won it in 2003.[2] He also has won every NZ title at least once. He has also represented New Zealand in 4 World Cups and 4 Pacific Cup Tournaments and he played in the first ever New Zealand Pacific Cup winning team to win the Pacific Cup in Hawaii in 1984.

Some Photos From NZ Masters held at the Kapi Mana Darts Association club rooms, Porirua

Paula Masoe Secretary of the NZDC who did a terrific job of organising and running the event with her many assistants.
John Kelly third equal in men's singles.
Mark "Cowboy" McGrath

Sydney Darts Masters and Oceanic Masters Information

Click on the above link. Terrific prize money for those players who can do well.


Check the Capital Darts link for results of the Southland Puma Open, latest men's and ladies ranking lists, the top 16 for the PDC Ladbrookes world championships NZ play offs. Duncan Ellis of DPNZ makes this great comment below. 

Well done to all of the players who made this playoff. Everyone of you has managed to play your way into this event and of course going forward it is all down to you on the day. Not a selector in the room, just dart players.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

PUMA NZ MASTERS - Trophy Pictures

Tina Osbourne - Ladies Singles Winner

Greg Moss - Mens Singles Winner (second year in a row)

NZ PUMA MASTERS - Mens Singles

Greg Moss beat John Kelly
Jason 'Beastie Boy' Ladbrook beat Terry Jowett

Final - Jason 'Beastie Boy' Ladbrook and Greg Moss
Final: Greg Moss v Jason 'Beastie Boy' Ladbrook (best of 11)
Leg 1 - Moss in 19 darts
Leg 2 - Ladbrook in 19 darts including a 180
Leg 3 - Moss in 18 darts
Leg 4 - Moss in 18 darts
Leg 5 - Moss in 19 darts
Leg 6 - Ladbrook in 27 darts
Leg 7 - Ladbrook in 26 darts
Leg 8 - Moss in 17 darts
Leg 9 - Moss in 15 darts with a 68 finish

Greg Moss beat Jason 'Beastie Boy' Ladbrook 6-3

Most 180s Terry Jowett with 6
Highest Finish was 129 by Jason Ladbrook
Mens Consolation: Jim King beat Dave Budge

PUMA NZ MASTERS - Ladies Singles

Final: Tina Osbourne beat Kit Bennett 5-0
Third Equal: Tara Mears and Janette Jonathon

A happy Tina after grabbing the Ladies Singles to go with the Ladies Pairs 
Highest Finish was Helen Makiha with153
Ladies Consolation Winner: Gail Remuera

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Craig Caldwell and Craig Pullen beat Laurie Turner and Tony Ngeru 4-1.
Winning legs for the two Craigs were 19, 24, 23 and 21. Laurie and Tony's winning leg was in 20 darts. Craig Caldwell also hit a 180 in the first leg.

Craig Caldwell and Craig Pullen, Mens Pairs Winners

PUMA NZ MASTERS - Ladies Pairs

Jo Steed and Tina Osbourne beat Maude Robinson and Megan Winiana 4-1.

Jo and Tina's winning legs were completed in 24, 36, 28 and 20 darts, Mauda and Megan won the first leg in 44 darts

Tina and Jo - Ladies Pairs Winners

Sunday, June 9, 2013

2013 Sydney Darts Masters, Players & Supporters Info

Click on the poster to enlarge and read

Darts Tip From Billiards

Clark McConachy was a New Zealander who was World professional Billiards Champion from 1951 to 1968. Once when interviewed he said that earlier in his career he had tried to find a way to deal with nerves when it occurred to him that when people are at there most relaxed they fall asleep and the last place for tension to leave the body was the jaw and face. So when playing  he would relax his lower jaw to combat any nerves he might feel.
I have never tried it but I could see how it might be helpful if you were nervous. I have noticed a few of the top dart players on TV sometimes play with their mouth partly open which indicates their jaw is relaxed. It is probably done unconsciously on their part but reflects their focus and relaxed state. It could be worth a try but of course it is still no good if your concentration and technique are not there.

Wanderers are current Holders of the ADA Premier Grade Challenge Cup

Pictured are the Wanderers Premier Grade team who are the current holders of the Auckland Darts Association Premier Grade Challenge Cup. From left to right Frank Speights, Ray Tonga, Issac Lewis and Robbie Grant ( Captain) . Wanderers recently defeated Tupapa to win the cup. Tupapa had held the cup for all of this year and I believe all or most of last year.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sydney Darts Masters New Zealand Qualifier

Click on the Poster to enlarge and read

Tricky Decision For NZDC

On 19th April 2013 the Marriage ( Definition of Marriage) Amendment Act 1013 came into law allowing same sex couples to marry. What does that mean for darts you might be thinking. Well at the NZDC National Darts Championships in Nelson I understand the NZDC is calling a special General meeting to discuss amongst other things the implications of the Act on darts. Specifically the NZDC Husband and Wife Darts Championship. It may mean gay married couples are allowed to play in the Husband and Wife or it may mean discontinuing with it.
I usually have an opinion on everything but don't on this one. I do not envy the NZDC having to make a decision on this. That is probably why it is going to be discussed at the Special general meeting to get feedback.
I have never played in the husband and wife as I am not married but speaking to some that do I know they really enjoy it and its a lot of fun and very social. It would certainly change the energy ( Trying to select the right word there) of the event.
If you feel strongly one way or the other on this issue that would be a good meeting to attend.
If any male out there thinks they can propose to me so we can play ( That maybe wrong word ) I am unavailable.

West City Club Night Results 6 June 2013

Winner: Ken Moir
Runner Up: Mike Day
Third Equal: Dean Faithful and Tukina Weko
Last 8: Nathan Holt, Steve Hanley, Monty Tuhua, Geoff Koster
Last 16: Charlene Te Paki, Francis Ngererare, Olivia Curreen, Mike Radford, Stacey Heavey, Brevis herbert, Blair Neverman, Joseph Gallina
Last 32: Rob Scott.
180's: Charlene Te Paki, Brevis Herbert, Stacey Heavey, Mike Day (2), Ken Moir (2), Steve Hanley, Tukina Weko, Dean Faithful, Geoff Koster, Mike Radford.
Highest Finishes: 160 Ken Moir, 100 Tukina Weko.

Club night is held every Thursday from 7 pm. $5 entry. All players welcome. The club rooms are situated at 103 Glen Road, Ranui

Friday, June 7, 2013

PDC Announcement regarding Sydney Darts Masters

THE PDC are delighted to announce that the Sydney Darts Masters, the second event in the World Series of Darts, will be held at Luna Park in Sydney from August 29-31 and broadcast live on Fox Sports.

Following the success of the recent Dubai Duty Free Darts Masters, which was won by Michael van Gerwen, the second event in the PDC’s new World Series of Darts has been confirmed.

The 16-player event will see the PDC’s top eight stars joined by the top three players from the DPA rankings, a trio of home qualifiers from a three-day qualifying event, Australian World Cup ace Paul Nicholson and a New Zealand qualifier.

The PDC’s top eight Order of Merit ranked players will include Ladbrokes World Darts Champion Phil Taylor, Dubai Duty Free Darts Masters and McCoy’s Premier League Darts champion Michael van Gerwen and Australian superstar Simon Whitlock as well as five and two-time World Champions Raymond van Barneveld and Adrian Lewis, seven-time major event winner James Wade, World Championship finalist Andy Hamilton and European Championship finalist Wes Newton.

“Professional darts in Australia has taken huge strides in recent years, and I’m thrilled that the second event in our World Series of Darts will be held in Sydney this August,” said PDC Chairman Barry Hearn.

“Australian darts fans now see all major PDC events live on Fox Sports, but the Sydney Darts Masters will give them the chance to see the biggest stars in the game in the flesh at Luna Park.

“The recent Dubai Duty Free Darts Masters was hugely popular and I’m sure that the Sydney Darts Masters, spearheaded by the appearance of Aussie standard-bearers Simon Whitlock and Paul Nicholson, will be equally successful.

“The DPA have done a great job in developing professional darts in Australia in recent years, and the ambitious players Down Under now want to emulate Simon and Paul to play on the big stage, so this is a huge opportunity for them.”

The event will be preceded from August 26-28 by a three-day qualifying series, from which three players will win through to play in the main Sydney Darts Masters tournament.

The eight First Round games will be played at Sydney’s iconic Luna Park on Thursday August 29, with the Quarter-Finals on Friday August 30 and the Semi-Finals and Final being held on Saturday August 31.

The whole of the Sydney Darts Masters will be screened live on Fox Sports in Australia, following the huge success of PDC tournaments being broadcast by the channel in recent years.


Tickets will be priced as follows:

Thursday August 29

8x First Round Games

Floor Seating $60

Tiered Seating $40

Friday August 30

4x Quarter-Finals

Floor Seating $65

Tiered Seating $45

Saturday August 31

Semi-Finals & Final

Floor Seating $70

Tiered Seating $50

Season Tickets

Floor Seating $165

Tiered Seating $120

Entrants to the qualifiers can buy a Floor Season Ticket for $150

Booking fees are $5 for GST regular mail or e-ticket costs. Additional is a $3.95 transaction fee per booking, plus 2% credit charge.

Tickets will go on sale on Friday June 14 at 9am (Australian time) or by Telephone on 1300 BIG TOP.


The three Qualifiers will be held on Sunday August 25, Monday August 26 and Tuesday August 27.

Entry to the Qualifiers costs $35 per event will be available through the DPA via

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Open Pairs 23rd June 2013 at Club Oasis Darts Parakai

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Australian Itinerary

Click here for the itinerary for the Australian Masters, DPA Oceanic Masters and the New Zealand v Australia Test.

Tony Lee Thanks His Sponsors

Tony Lee ( Auckland Area and Region representative) at the Canterbury Open where he finished third equal in the mixed pairs with Olivia Curreen, last 8 in the men's singles and runner up in the men's pairs with Mike Day.

Tony says " Thank you 24 hour Snap Fitness, Papamoa. Great gym, awesome staff. Thank you so much Liz and Steve".

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Hi Players, AEMs & Supporters,
                      From what I’ve got to tell you, I know you are all going to say why the hell! Didn’t we have this information months ago, for that I say sorry to you the players but I had no control over when the information was to be made public.

Well here it is, there will be a TV series with the top eight players from Europe and a further eight players making it 16 who will play in the Australian Masters which will be filmed live in the Big-Top at Luna Park in Sydney this year.

We have been asked to supply one of the 16 players to this end which I know is very short notice, so once again I apologize to you the players. The Tournament to find this player will be held and played on TUESDAY the 9th of July, 2013 at the Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club, with entries closing at 12.30pm and the Tournament start time to 1.00pm.

The winner will receive a return trip to Aus to compete in this event, which will be held on the 29th  *  30th  *  31st of August.

Also the Test & 3 Opens with an extra inclusion of the Oceanic being played this year at the same time, makes going to Aus a worthwhile trip. Most of who you see on TV from the PDC will be there, so if any player or supporter would like to go over Please make contact with any of the people below who are: from Auckland Taffy AEM or Peter Page, in Wellington Duncan Ellis AEM or Craig Caldwell, and in the South-Island Dale Frampton.

What I can tell you so far about cost is the Van $140.00, Accommodation at Warilla is $320.00 for 5 nights, in Sydney where sky is the limit our 3 days should cost about $220.00 which is bloody good I’m still working on this deal because it is within walking distance. Also to book your flight make contact with any of the above people and they will tell you what flight to book on, then you can go on line and book it yourself.

Don’t wait there is only 44 beds booked, so be in.

I will get a more detailed costing out to everyone over the next 48hrs, so that your AEMs can be more informative.

P.S. keep your eye on that E-mail, because everything is going to happen at Short Notice!!

Cheers      DIGGER.

Unique Darts

Whilst playing in the Canterbury Open Singles I chalked a game being played by John Henry from Timaru. John is a very well known player in the South Island and has been in many South Island rep teams.. I had to take a second look when his darts first hit the board as his darts are so thin. If you look at the photo they are thinner than the end of the stem. He told me he had been playing with those darts since 1979 when he first started playing. When he purchased them they were 18 grams but through the wear and tear of all those years of play they had worn down to 11 grams. They are made of copper tungsten which I understand is used no more because it was soft and did wear. When I first looked at them I thought they must have been machined down. John assures me it is just wear and tear. He is a bit concerned they may one day snap so has had some spares made to match. He has played for 35 years and those darts have served him well hitting over 1400 x 180's in NZDC registered competitions.

Some Cool Dart Shirts From Canterbury Open

I thought these shirts were some of the better I have seen. The first one is of course Keith Shepherd the NZDC singles winner for the last two years. It will be interesting to see if he can make it three in a row in Nelson at the National championships this year. I don't know if anyone has done that before. The second shirt is Peter ( Stumpy) Hunts which he wore playing in the German Open earlier this year. He has letters NZ on one of the darts being held by the stump which I thought was pretty clever.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Canterbury Open - Ladies and Mens Pairs Results

Olivia Curreen/Erin Birrell bt Robyn McElhinney/Rosalie Ritchie 4-2

Erin Birrell and Olivia Curreen
Bernie Smith/Jason Ladbrook bt Mike Day/Tony Lee 4-0
Bernie Smith and Jason Ladbrook

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Canterbury Open - Singles Results

Rachael Padget bt Jane Harrington 5-2
Rachael's winning legs were checked out in 20, 22, 35, 25, 21
Jane's winning legs were 20 and 24

Rachael Padget - Ladies Singles Winner

Mike Day bt Bill Fergus, Tony Carmichael  bt Peter Hunt 
Mike Day bt Tony Carmichael 5-4
Mike's winning legs were checked out in 16, 20, 18, 20, 14
Tony's winning legs were 18, 16, 18, 24. Tony also hit three 180s in the final.

 A jubilant Mike Day with his second title in a week

The final was of a high standard and the ninth and deciding leg was hit by Mike in 14 darts with 60, 140, 140, 137 and 2 darts at double 12. Tony was waiting to pounce with 81, 140, 100, 100 leaving himself 80 for the title if Mike missed. Great darts!

On the lighter side, Mike was initially given the Ladies trophy at the presentation but it was all sorted out after a quick check of Mike's credentials! Well done Mike, two titles in a week has really put you in the limelight and there should be more to come.

The results are straight from Peter Page who is down at the Open and who could be the bravest Kiwi in the country this weekend after standing up as Mike was about to throw the winning darts in the final and shouted "Come on the North !". Apparently you could hear a pin drop at that point. A couple of drinks and Peter is ready to challenge even the hardest of southern men !

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Canterbury Open - Early Results, Mixed Pairs

Peter Hunt/Desi Mercer bt Dave Harrington/Jane Harrington 4-2

Third Equal
Tony Lee/Olivia Curreen, Simon Tippet/Vernaleigh Brinsdon

Most 180s: Tony Lee with 4

Mixed Pairs Winners Desi Mercer and Peter Hunt