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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Concentration Spots On Dartboard

Recently browsing the net I came across a dart board with concentration spots on it for sale. Being careful with my money rather than purchase it it I got some twink, a vivid marker and a plastic school geometric shape stencil and just marked my practice board as you can see in the photo. I did it just to see if it is effective in promoting concentration when you practice. I tend to concentrate more in games than in practice so I thought it might make my practice more meaningful. If you want to purchase one follow the link below;

Otherwise you could do what I did with twink and a marker.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ADA AGM On This Sunday 3/2/13

On This Weekend In Christchurch

All the best to the organisers. I hope they have a good turnout. I do not know of anyone from Auckland going to play but it looks a great tournament with great prize money.

NZ Man To Play at Lakeside ?

Check the link below. It seems the BDO have extended an invitation to NZ to send the top ranked male  NZ player on the ranking lists to the Lakeside World professional Championships in 2014. There is no official announcement on the New Zealand Dart Council web page but hopefully the NZDC take the invitation up and send someone.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Region 2 Junior and Youth Playoffs 10 March 2013

Region 2 AGM 10/3/13


The Southland Open set down for the 26 February 2013 is now being held on 15 June 2013. If you want an updated DPNZ itinerary it will appear at the North Otago website just click on link. Till it appears if you want an updated version e mail me at and I will send you a copy.

Tukz and Hun Win Tarzan and Jane title

Tukina Weko and Charlene TePaki defeated Lloyd and Linda Tomkins 4 to 0 in the final of the Tarzan and Jane mixed pairs held at the West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui on Sunday afternoon. The winning legs were 22, 27, 22 and 22 darts. Tukina and Charlene's average was 64.6. Lloyd and Linda's average was 58.9.
Third equal were Tauturu John with Willie Hopekingi and Peggy Wikaira with Peter Page.
There were 33 entries and 16 qualifiers.
The consolation was won by Dave and Colleen Curreen, runners up were Dean Webster and Girl Kahaki.
180's were scored by Rob Scott, Orhan Tehotaata, Jimbo Sadlier, Tukina Weko, Lloyd Tomkins ( Hit his in final) and Charlene Te Paki. Highest ladies finish was Lorene Gilliam with 91. Highest men's finish was Monty Tuhua with 127.
The draw was done ably by Raewyn Heavey .

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cody and Kit Win Auckland Puma Open

Cody Harris defeated Craig Caldwell in the final of the DPNZ Auckland Puma Men's Open 6 legs to 2 held at the West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui yesterday. Cody's winning legs were 19, 21,16,17,21 and 18 darts with an overall average of 77.10. Craigs winning legs were 18 and 21 with an overall average of 70.16. Cody was meant to go fishing but slept in and was left behind and so ended up playing darts instead. Good luck for the fish but not so for Cody's opponents.
Cody defeated Tukina Weko in the semi final with legs of 16,17,17,21 and 18 and an overall average of 80.07. Tukina winning legs were 15, 25 and 19 with an overall average of 77.76.
Craig defeated Mike Day in the other semi final with legs of 15 (144 finish), 20, 20, 23, 15 darts and an overall average of 76.36. Mike winning legs were 22, 20, 14, 16 darts with an overall average of 78.70. Not taking a few doubles that were on offer cost Mike.
Fifth equal were Steve Davis, Monty Tuhua, Barry Kapa and Tony Lee. There were 50 men's entries and 29 qualifiers. Most 180's Craig Caldwell with 8. Highest finish Mike Collett with 156. Play was generally of a high standard with some very tough cards to qualify from. 59 x 180's were scored.
In the ladies final Kit Bennett defeated Ngapine Heke 6 to 1. Third equal were Maria Siavale and Lynette Bennett. There were 22 ladies entries. Highest ladies finish was Kit Bennett with 150.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ladies AGM

Western Districts Ladies league AGM Monday 11 February 2013 at 7.30 pm Henderson RSA

Monty Wins West City Club Night Singles 24/1/13

Monty Tuhua defeated Ken Moir in the final of the West City Darts Association club night singles held last night at the club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. Third equal were Blair Hutchinson and Lloyd Tomkins. Fifth equal were Troy henderson, Dave Ellis, Steve Hanley and Mike Radford.
There were 28 entries. 180's were scored by Jo Kinita, Joseph Gallina, Blair neverman, Geoff Koster, Ken Moir. Highest finish was 120 Steve Hanley and geoff Koster with 116.
Club night is held every Thursday from 7 pmm. All players are welcome. $5 entry.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Qualifying Rules For World Champs

Click on the North Otago link on right hand side of page to read new rules on qualifying for Ladbrokes World Dart Championships.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

This Sunday 27/1/13

This Sunday Morning

This Coming Saturday 26/1/13

Tony and John Win Swanson Pairs

Tony Lee and John Kelly defeated Richard Te Whero and Monty Tuhua 4 to 2 in the final of the Swanson RSA Open Pairs. Richard and Monty won the first leg in 21 darts with Richard finishing on 64. Tony and John came back winning the next three legs in 17, 24 and 23 darts. Richard and Monty then hit an 18 darter. Tony and John finished the final leg in 23 darts. Tony and John's average was 68.97. Richard and Monty's 72.6. The difference in average is due to the fact Richard and Monty only threw 120 darts over the match whilst Tony and John threw 126. They had 6 extra darts because it was a competition where you threw for the bull after each leg to see who would throw first in the next. Tony won the bull 4 times and Richard twice. The game was that close that if Richard had been closer to the bull on more occasions the result could have been reversed. It was a fruitful day for Tony and John having travelled up from Papamoa and Tauranga respectively. Third equal were Ken Moir with Greg West and Mike Collett with Tere Tou. There were 38 entries and 21 qualifiers. Lou Underwood and Dave Ellis defeated Ngapine Heke and Colleen Cureen to win the consolation round. The highest ladies finish was 97 to Ngapine Heke.The highest men's finish was 120 by John Sinclair, Peter Page and Brendon Deed. Most 180's was John Sinclair (4) and Ken Moir (4). The furtherest ladies pairs were Lou Williams and Sandra Mathews who made the last eight of the main round. The draw was organised by Girl Kahaki who as usual did a great job with assistance of others.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kiwi at PDC Qualifying School

It is good to see a Kiwi at PDC qualifying school. Jack must be the first Kiwi ever to attend. His results so far are not promising but hopefully he has a better day tommorrow. Day One. First round. Terry Hayes 6 Jack Harrington 2. Day Two. Prelim round. Jack Harrington 6 Bruce Barr 2 First round. Jason Hogg 6 Jack Harrington 0.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Phil Taylor - The Throw

This particular YouTube video of Phil Taylor has been around for a while (about 4 years) so you may have seen it before. It has some super slow-mo footage of him mainly playing some soft tip darts in Japan in 2008. If you have ever wanted to analyse the throw of the 16 times world champion this is probably one of the better videos to have a look at. I watch it every now and then for a bit of inspiration. No "get a life" comments please... I already have one, thanks !

Panache Soft Finishings Drawn Pairs 27/4/13

North Island Masters 28/4/13

West City Club Night Results 17/1/13

Mike Day defeated Monty Tuhua in the final of the West City Darts Association club night singles held at the club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui last night. Third equal were Ken Moir and Dave Curreen. Fifth equal were peter Page, Paul Earl, Steve Hanley and Geoff Koster.
There were 30 players and 16 qualifiers.180's were scored by Steve Hanley, Monty Tuhua (3), Paul Earl (2), Peter Page, Ken Moir (2), Mike Day. 100 + finishes Geoff Koster 115, 108. Amber neverman 115. Olivia Curreen 113. Best leg Geoff Koster 13 darts.
Club night is held every Thursday from 7 pm. $5 entry. All players welcome.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

WDF Ranking Monetary Awards 2012

I hope you can clearly see the image. If not just click on it and it will be larger. Great to see Tony Carmichael, Peter Hunt, Craig Caldwell and Polly Luke do so well and get a monetary award. I was looking at the Asia Pacific Youth boys and girls rewards. It would be good to have a world ranked event for them in NZ so they had the opportunity to get on those lists or send them somewhere for international competition in the region. Maybe it will come sometime in the future.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Darts - World Record Attempt

If you are reading this you probably like playing darts to say the least, but would you fancy playing for 2 days straight?!
Two guys in Sleaford England, Dave Newman and Shaun Robinson, are going to attempt just that, playing for 48 hours in a charity fund raising event for the Waddington Cancer Ward at Lincoln Hospital. According to the 'official' rules for every hour completed you can rest for 5 minutes.
If they achieve their target of 48 hours they will beat the existing Guiness Book of Records for singles play of 42hr 00min set by Glenn Germonpre and Frederick Serreyn, (both Belgium) at the Cafe de Leegard in Zandvoorde, West Flanders, Belgium, from 7 to 9 June 2012. The pair played the darts game "Cricket," with Glenn winning 255 matches to Serreyn's 86.
By the way, any attempt at the record has to be officially monitored by a ruling body so if you are thinking of trying to set a record yourself you will have to find a willing official who knows how to stay awake for two days as well ! More on the Sleaford record attempt here

Monday, January 14, 2013

NZDC AGM 26/1/13

The New Zealand Dart Council AGM is coming up on the 26 January 2013. I am not going this year as I am no longer on the West City Darts Association committee. But I did go for about 3 years when I was secretary. One thing I did not like about those meetings was the one vote per Association rule. If your Association had 200 registered members you got one vote. If your Association had 30 members you got one vote. I did not think that was particularly democratic and did not lead always to votes that truly reflected how must dart players might feel on different subjects. I found that most decisions had been made by the Directors of the Dart Council before you got here and you were just there to rubber stamp them. Some things were put forward for debate and voting. My observation was that they were things the Directors could not agree on amongst themselves. So they went before the larger forum of the meeting. If you do want to make any radical change you have to be extremely political, plan well and garner support before and while you are there. Personal relationships come into it. If they do not know you your chances of making change are remote. The South Island all tend to vote together and there is a certain amount of regional self interest in voting and which director you vote for. I have always thought there has been a little anti- Auckland bias in a lot of decision making also. I remember one year the Council had decided on something a little controversial that if most attending had time to think about it would not have agreed. No one was told about it. A break in proceedings for lunch or something like that was about to take place. Craig Stevens the CEO mentioned what was to happen just before the break. He mentioned it briefly and not much detail. I remember sitting there thinking " Did he just say what I thought he said ? ". While I was gathering my thoughts and feeling a bit stunned they called the break. I went and spoke to him about it at the break. My opportunity to speak on it had gone and he told me so. It was too late to do anything. It was a master stroke by someone who knew how these meetings worked and how to get things past. It was to do with deciding not to send a World Cup team to Ireland. If you go to those meetings you have to have your ears and eyes wide open or you will miss the opportunity to challenge something. Good luck to all those who will be attending. I do know they are only there for the love of the game but each delegate has a slightly different vision of what is best. Often there is too much regionalism.

ADA AGM 3/2/13

Note it is a change of date from original one of 2/2/13

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Phil Hazel and Craig Caldwell To Represent NZ

Phil Hazel and Craig Caldwell have been selected by DPNZ to represent NZ at the PDC World cup of darts In Hamburg, Germany Feb 1st to 3rd. You can help the boys by buying a Puma Bandit dartboard from them. Orders in NZ to Cathy Byford Caldwell and in Austalia Nancy Lee Taula via facebook. Cost $90 includes postage. All proceeds to Phil and Craig. Congratulations to them both. Hopefully they do well.

Cosmos New Clubrooms

A picture of the Cosmos Darts Association new club rooms in the Avondale racecourse. It is larger than there previous rooms and was previously occupied by the defunct Royal George Dart club.

Swanson Pairs This Saturday

Good prize money.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tukz and Hun Win Cosmos Open Mixed Pairs 12/1/13

Charlene Te Paki with Tukina Weko defeated Issac Lewis with Lorene Gilliam in the final of the Cosmos Open Mixed Pairs four to nil at the Cosmos club in the Avondale race course. The winnning average was 64.5 with Charlene hitting 180 in the final. The winning legs were 24, 22, 19 and 21 darts. Lorene and Issac averaged 62.99. Third equal were Willie Hopekingi with Tauturu John and Mike Bullock with Jo Kinita. There were 17 entries and 8 qualifiers 180's were scored by Mike Collett and Charlene Te Paki. Highest men's finish was 133 Peter Page and 121 Charlene Te Paki for the ladies. Mike Collett and Maria Siavale won the consolation. Girl Kahaki ran the draw and organised. Richard Te Whero of the Cosmos Club invited every one back next year at the same time for a repeat tournament.

Darts at the Olympics?...more

Further to our earlier blog report there has been more newspaper and Internet talk recently about darts being admitted into the Olympics some time in the future (2020 being the earliest possibility). The latest comments about the possibility have come from two very high profile dart players, again from the incomparable Phil "The Power" Taylor and now Tony "Silverback" O'Shea.

Taylor told BBC Sport  "If we got in there,I'd be chuffed to bits.  I don't think it'll be in my lifetime but you never know. I think the problem is, if you put darts in there, then another sport has got to drop out and I don't think that's fair. They've been there and we're taking their place, I suppose". Meanwhile O'Shea, two time Finalist and at the time of writing now a three time Semi Finalist in the BDO World Championships has been reported on as saying “Personally I can’t see it. For it to be in the Olympics would mean you would have to take away the drinking side of it and if that happened, I don’t see how you would have enough players to compete! Darts is a pub sport – it is what it is.  Without the booze, I doubt the atmosphere would be the same and that’s what makes our sport.”

High profile sports personalities Clive Woodward (Rugby) and Andrew Flintoff (Cricket ) have both voiced their support for darts being in the Olympics as well.

The truth of the matter is that it will be a hard road to walk as the 2020 Olympics will only allow 28 sports into the event with a waiting list of sports already queueing up to get in there, namely: baseball, karate, roller sports, softball, sport climbing, squash, wakeboarding, wushu (a full contact martial arts sport) and beach soccer. As you can see darts isn't even on the list... yet, so you have to ask maybe the reality of darts being an Olympic sport isn't as close as the media have us believe? The talk does raise the darts profile another notch though which can only be good for raising the sports playing numbers not only in Britain but New Zealand too?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Open Mixed Pairs Cosmos 12/1/13

There is an Open Mixed Pairs with a guaranteed first prize of $300 to be held at the Cosmos Dart Association clubrooms this Saturday at the Avondale racecourse. Their clubrooms have shifted from the old place in the racecourse stand to the old Royal George clubrooms in the same stand. Check in is from midday. Entry is $20 per pair. If you wish more detail ring Richard or Rogere Te Whero at 09 8334707 .

New Dart Board

If you click on the link below it is an article on a new dartboard that has a different sequence of numbers to the existing. It is being promoted at the Lakeside World Professional Championships at the moment. The numbers are sequenced odd then even and slightly differently to make bad shots more punished than they are now.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Top Aussies To Play at Lakeside in 2014

Regular readers of this blog will know that the NZDC is not sending a team to the World Cup in Canada. Nor did they send a team to the previous World Cup In Ireland. Nor do they offer any support to players who aspire to play in the Winmau Masters even though a player if  he or she win certain events in NZ or get a high enough ranking can be eligible to play and then play in the playoffs for the Lakeside Professional world championships held straight after.
The Aussies do things different. They always go to the World Cup and have supported players to the playoffs for the Lakeside and as a result had many a player play in it. Well they have gone one further and good on them. If you click the link below you will see that the winners of their Grand Prix series in Australia this year gets automatic entry to the Lakeside World Professional dart championships. It is exactly what needs to happen here. If players knew by playing and doing well in the NZDC ranking tournaments there was an automatic entry to the Lakeside it would give real meaning to those tournaments, provide a pathway to higher honours, increase participation and generally increase the profile of darts.
Hopefully the NZDC will take note and try and do the same thing. Or perhaps they can get the Aussies to agree to enlarging their Grand Prix series and have a couple of tournaments here and make the qualifierers who go Australasian representatives rather than just Australian representatives. Mind you if I was an Aussie I would not want that.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Darts At The Olympics 2020 ?

Click the link below to read about Darts becoming an Olympic sport possibly in 2020.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January Events 2013

17th West City Club Night all welcome 7.15 pm check in. 103 Glen Road, Ranui
19th Swanson Pairs Swanson RSA 10 am check in.
24th West City Club Night all welcome. 7.15 pm check in. 103 Glen Road, Ranui
26th Auckland Puma Men's and Ladies Singles. Open to registered and non-registered players. 10.30 am check in West City Darts Association, 103 Glen Road, Ranui.
27th R2 Junior and Youth Fundraiser breakfast West City,, 103 Glen Road Ranui 9am
27th Tarzan and Jane Mixed pairs, West City club rooms. 12. 00 pm check in, 103 Glen Road, Ranui
31st West City club night, all welcome, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. 7.15 pm check in.