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Friday, November 30, 2012

West City Club Night Results 29/11/12

Mike Day with Haki Heke defeated Gordon Comrie with Nathan Holt in the final of the ham and chicken drawn pairs held at West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui last night. Third equal were Steve Hanley with Campbell Holt and Ron Botor with Peggy Wikaira.. Fifth equal were Marc Skinns with Rob Scott, Blair Neverman with Maine Ngametua, Dave Curreen with Ngapine Heke, BLair Hutchinson with Colleen Curreen. 20 pairs were entered.
180's were scored by Geoff Koster, Anthony Benitez, Haki Heke, Mike Day and Gordon Comrie. 100 + finishes Geoff Koster 108 and Marc Skinns 112.
Club night is held every Thursday from 7 pm. All players welcome. $5 entry.
Ron Botor is pictured.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

This Saturday In Porirua

A tournament to raise funds for Craig Caldwell who is leaving for the UK on 9 December to participate in the Phil Taylor mentoring programme. I think he will be there till Christmas. All the best to Craig I am sure he will do NZ proud.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stats From BDO World Champs

1979 Murray Smith First Round 68.73
1981 Gordon Allpress First Round, no average recorded on web
1982 Gordon Allpress First round no average recorded on web
1993 Peter Hunt First Round 82.44
1995 Peter Hunt First Round 81.21, Second Round 86.01
2003 Peter Hunt First Round 83.49
2004 Peter Hunt First Round 82.08
2006 Warren Parry First Round 82.06

Peter Hunter is the only NZ player to make the last 16 at the BDO World champs. There were other players like Robert Grant and Robbie Furmage who went but I cannot find the stats on the net. they may have not made the first round.

If you go to the you tube link below titled The Lakeside - 1995 at about 1 min 43 secs in you see Peter, I am pretty sure it is him with a beard, doing the haka outside the venue.

Ham Tournament Henderson RSA tonight

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dart Board Cake

I went to a 40th birthday over the weekend. The cake was in style of a dartboard with one candle in double tops. Photo courtesy of Tanaya Wikaira.

Ladies Champ Of Champs

Maria Siavale and Charlene Te Paki defeated Paeru Ngatuakana and Mata Tuao in the final of the ladies pairs title at the Auckland Champ of Champs held at West City Darts Association 103, Glen Road, Ranui on Saturday. Third equal were Lorene Gilliam with Maxine Taaka and Emma Heavey with Olivia Curreen. 180's were scored by Girl Kahaki, Rogere Te Whero, Lorene Gilliam, Lynette Bennett.
On the Sunday Nga Smythe defeated Maria Siavale in the singles. Third equal were Loretta Hunter and Jo Kinita. 180's were scored by Tautaru John and Nga Smythe.

West City 12 Counties Manukau 2

Above is the result sheet from a Renee Stacey Challenge match held between Counties Manukau Darts Association and West City Darts Association held at the Bellbird Tavern, Manuwera earlier today. Captain for West City was Mike Day, Manager Steve Holt and reserve Blair Hutchinson. If you find it hard to read click on the picture and it becomes larger. Report courtesy Steve Holt.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Stats From PDC World Champs

2006 Warren Parry eliminated first round with average 82.06
2007 Warren French out first round with 78.6
2008 Warren Parry out first round with 83.56
2009 Warren French Prelim round 54.95, First round 76.74
2010 Warren Parry first round 78.89. Phil Hazel prelim round 83.15
2011 Preston Ridd prelim round 84.68 and first round 71.29
2012 Warren French 85.88 prelim round and 85.29 first round.

Above are a few stats from PDC world champs for NZ players. No player from NZ has got past the first round. We need to produce a player who can average at least 90 to 100 for them to have an impact at the PDC world champs. I cannot see us doing much better this year than in previous years. Dave Harrington is representing NZ this year and is a very fine player but there is no one in NZ who can consistently average over 90 in my opinion so I am not expecting much but of course I am hoping he gets a kind draw plays above himself and his opponents play below themselves. If he can win his prelim match and first round match he will have gone further than any other Kiwi. The championships start late December. Warren French is pictured. He has the dubious honour of having our lowest average at the World Champs but also the honour of having our highest average.

Overall Results Super Series 2012

1. Mike Day leading man 84 points - $800
2. Monty Tuhua  second man 79 points - $400.
3. Richard Te Whero third man 45 points - $200.

Most 180's Monty Tuhua (29)- $150.
Most 100 + Finishes Richard Te Whero (14) - $150.

1. Peggy Wikaira leading lady 13 points - $300
2. Colleen Curreen second 9 points - $200
3. Jenni Heavey third 7 points - $100

Most 180's Peggy Wikaira (5) - $100
Most 100 + finishes with one each Jeanette Scott, Kristal McDermott, Loretta Hunter and Charlene TePaki $25 each.

In 2013 there is plans for another Super Series being formulated with seperate men's and ladies competition. Probably start in February. Details to be announced. A more comphrehensive result sheet showing all players points will be published on this blog in next week or two.

Super Tukina Wins Super Series Event 10

Tukina Weko defeated Mike Day in the final of event 10 of the Super Series 4 to 1. Tukina's average was 77.11 for three darts. Mike's was 73.09. Third equal were Monty Tuhua and Anthony Benitez. Fifth equal were Issac Lewis, Peter Page, Haki Heke and Richard Te Whero. 9th equal were Blair Hutchinson, Ngapine Heke, Dave Curreen, Dean Webster, Steve Hanley, Dean Faithfull, Olivia Cureen and Amber Neverman.
180's were scored by Monty Tuhua 5, Mike Day 2, Richard TeWhero,Peter Page, Anthony Benitez and Blair Hutchinson.
100 + finishes Richard Te Whero 105, Dean Faithfull 120.
Tukina looking very happy with first prize.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Auckland Ladies Champ Of Champs This Weekend

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Super Series Event 10 This Thursday

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weymouth Ham Tournament 6/12/12

On Tonight Avondale RSA

Monday, November 19, 2012

Open Pairs Porirua 1.12.2012

Ham Tournament 12/12/12

Early Report Levin Open

Peter Hunt defeated Robert Grant  6 to 4 in the final of the men's single's at Levin yesterday afternoon held in the Levin Cosmopolitan club. Peter won this title last year.Third equal were Rob Szarbo and Mark Cleaver. Fifth equal were Mike Day, Craig Caldwell, Jonathan Silcock and Aaron Cooper.
Polly Luke defeated Kit Bennett 5 to 4 in the ladies final. Third equal were Michelle McKee and Anna Neho.
On Saturday the men's amd ladies pairs were held. Craig Caldwell and Mike Day defeated Terry Jowett and Joe TeMarama 4 to 0 in the men's final. Craig and Mike's average in the final was 75.15 per three darts thrown.
In the ladies final Megan Smith and Diane Fergus defeated Annmarie Te Marama and Kit Bennett.
Numbers were down this year from last year by 17 in the singles.

Friday, November 16, 2012

West City Club Night Results 15/11/12

Steve Hanley with Peggy Wikaira defeated Geoff Koster with Brian McLuckie in the final of the West City Darts Association drawn pairs ham and chicken tournament held at the club rooms 103 Glen Road, Ranui. Third equal were Peter Page with Loretta Hunter and Monty Tuhua with Charlene TePaki. Fifth equal were Tukina Weko with Rob Scott, Steve Holt with Colleen Curreen, Blair Hutchinson with Dave McNamara, Tony Lee with Stacey Heavey.
180's were scored by Amber Neverman ( Her first. Well done Amber). Tony Lee, Ken Moir and Steve Hanley.
100+ finishes were Brent McLuckie with 104, Tukina Weko 111, 114, Monty Tuhua 120 and Peggy Wikaira 131.
Next Thursday night at 7 pm it is the last event of the Super Series. All welcome.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Whangarei RSA Ham Tournament 15/12/12

Monday, November 12, 2012

West City AGM 9/12/12

The West City Darts Association AGM is to be held at the clubrooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui on Sunday 9th December 2012 at 12.30 pm. At the conclusion of the meeting a members only Ham tournament will be held.

On This Sunday

On This Weekend

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mystery Party Goers

After a hard day of darts I came home to this group sitting on my deck having  a good time and playing cards. Do you know who they are ?. They smile and laugh a lot. I may recruit them for the West City Darts association if no one else claims them. They let me play cards with them but every time it looked like I might win they would change the rules!

Counties Manukau 30 West City 18

Counties Manukau defeated West City Darts Association 30 to 18 in a North Island Shield challenge held at the Bellbird Tavern, Manuwera earlier today. After the pairs it was 20 to 12 with still a mathematical possibility of West City winning but it did not happen.  Player of the day for Counties was Phil Cave and for West City Steve Holt. They are in photo above. One other player worth mentioning was Barry Kapa hitting back to back 180's in a game he and Sonny Matekurae played against Steve Holt and Dean Webster and then hitting a third one in the next leg and Dean hitting another. Other players to get 180's were John Sinclair, Geoff Wells and Sonny Harris.
Teams were Cody Harris, Sonny Harris, Barry Kapa, Sonny Matekurae, Marsh Tamatea, Tere Tou, Tom Williams, Frank Speight, John Sinclair, Willie Hopokingi, Steve Overslizen, Andre Albertyn, Sam Bryant ( Captain), Henry Tekena, Phil Cave and Richard Hinga for Counties. West City were Monty Tuhua, Mike Day, Steve Hanley, Geoff Koster, Steve Holt, Dean Webster, Tony Lee, Jeff Harold, Ron Glavish, Gordon Comrie, Marc Skinns, Jeffrey Wells, Blair Hutchinson, Gary Whyte, Peter Page and Anthony Benitez.
Special mention of Steve Overslizen finishing first on 130 and then 110 in game against myself and Anthony Benitez.
Many thanks to Counties Manukau for the food afterwards and the efforts of their committee.

Robert Grant and Maria Siavale Win Sherlock Enua Mixed Pairs

Robert Grant with Maria Siavale defeated Tama Kiliyui with Tara Temoana in the Final of the Sherlock Enua mixed pairs held at the Nikau Dart, Gribblehurst Park, Sandringham Road, Auckland earlier today.
Third equal were Peggy Wikaira with Mike Collett and Rogere with Richard Te Whero. Highest finish was Chris Robson 164 and Kupa Meti with 130. Most 180's were Rogere Te Whero with one and Nathan Holt with two. Consolation winners were Mark Enua and Liz Enua. Consolation runners up were Frances Ngarereva with Kupa met.

Friday, November 9, 2012

West City Club Night Results 8/11/12

Brent McLuckie with Pine Heke defeated Haki Heke and Victoria Epiha in the final of the West City Darts Association club night Ham and Chicken Drawn pairs held at the club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui yesterday evening. 13 pairs took part. There were 6 qualifiers.
Third equal were Peter Smith with Emma Heavey and Lloyd Waters with Olivia Curreen.  180's were scored by Muti Johnson and Ngapine Heke. 100+ finishes were scored by Brent McLuckie 102 and Olivia Curreen 110.
Club night is held every Thursday from 7 pm, all welcome. $5 entry.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Player Of The Day - Tukina Weko

Tukina Weko ( Tukz) defeated Chris Taylor 4 to 3 in the final of the Wednesday night Auckland Chartered Club League Premier Grade singles held at the Papakura Club, Papakura last night. His winning legs were 20, 21, 20 and 23 darts. Chris's winning legs were 18, 18, 18 darts. Tukina had an average of 72.39 for three darts and Chris had an average of 75.25. The anomaly of the loser having the higher average can be explained by the fact Tukina won the bull to start the leg 6 out of 7 times meaning Chris only threw first in one leg. Best leg of the evening seen by me was Tukino throwing 152 start, 180, 99 and 70 finish in 11 darts in one of the earlier games.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Big Game

This Sunday at about midday the West City Darts Association North Island Challenge Shield team will gather at the club rooms in Glen Road, Ranui for the trip down the Southern motorway to play Counties Manukau. The club Captains Mike Day and Steve Holt will conduct a role call to make sure everyone is there and maybe a few frantic phone calls to locate any stragglers. There are 16 players in the team plus reserves and sometimes players are still recovering from there Saturday nights and lingering in their beds or someone else's if they got lucky. Once everyone is accounted for there will be a few drinks issued to the players not driving to sustain them on their journey and maybe a few practice darts thrown. Then a convoy of cars containing players and supporters will head to the Bellbird Tavern, Manuwera for a 2 pm start.

The team will have been selected after the Club Captains have studied the results of every game played at West City every club night for the last 11 months. There will be charts and schedules showing how many games each player had played, how many they have won or lost and how big a winning percentage they have had. Each player will have been given a player rating. Using this information and their cunning dart playing minds the Club Captains will have selected the team and chosen the pairings and their positions in the top 8 or bottom 8 as best meets the needs of the team.

In 2009 the score was 27 to 17 to Counties. In 2010 it was 27 to 21 to Counties. In 2011 it was a 25 all draw. The winning team has to score 26 to win. If it is a draw the holders keep it.

Once the team arrives at the venue there will be more drinks and some more practice. Then just prior to starting the West City Captains will gather the team in the courtyard of the Bellbird and issue the last instructions which usually go along the lines of " Make Sure You Win ".

Counties will be doing something similar. Then their will be a few welcoming speeches and the games will start. The result I will not predict. But I will predict it will be fun, a great occasion, there will be sportsmanship on both sides, many cries of " Come on the West " and " Go Counties ". At the end on it one team will feel disappointed and the other will feel elated. There will be more speeches and then a feed put on and it will all be over for another year until the plotting, scheming and preparation commences again.

It is heresy to say this but it does not matter in my mind who wins or who looses. For me it will be a day of great enjoyment, fun, of doing my best, supporting my team mates and respecting Counties.

I do say " Bring it On".

The photo shows the 2011 teams.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sherlock Enua Memorial Mixed Pairs This Sunday 11 November 2012

Craig Caldwell Fundraiser at Porirua This Saturday 10th November 2012

Every Thursday Till Christmas

Starts This Tuesday 6 November 2012

Face of the Day

Girl Kahaki, well known and long serving Darts Administrator in many roles at a National, region and Auckland club level officiating at the NZDC maori Tournament at West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui 4th November 2012.

NZDC Maori Pairs Results

Tukino Weko with Terry Jowett defeated Whitu Tayor with Kelvin Taylor 4 to 0 in the final of the NZDC Men's maori pairs held at West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. Third equal were Sonny Harris with Cody Harris and Lou Tai with Tumoe Tai. Three sets of fathers and sons in the last 4. That must be a first.
In the ladies final Jannette Jonathan with Marion Morgan defeated Selena Baker-Clemas with Tui Horua 4 to 2 in the ladies final. Third equal were Helen Makiha with Peggy Wikaira and Ngapene Heke with Tanaya Wikaira.
Rita Wells and Lou Tai scored the first 180's of the day.
Jannette Jonathan Had the most 180's with 4.
Richie Komene and Barry Kapa won the consolation men's pairs and Anna Neho with Rogere Te Whero won the consolation ladies pairs.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Tournament Canterbury 1st to 3rd February 2013

Face Of The Day

Trixie Erceg New Zealand Dart Council Director officiating at the NZ Maori Tournament at the West City Darts Association club rooms, Auckland on 3rd November 2012.

Monty and JJ Win NZDC Maori Singles

Monty Tuhua defeated Tony Ngeru ( Dumptruck) 4 to 1 in the final of the NZ Maori singles held at West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road earlier today. Monty won the first two legs in 20 and then 16 darts. Tony came back with an 18 darter. Then they both could not finish until Monty did it in 28 darts. Monty picked up the final leg in 23 darts. Monty's average for three darts was 73.32 and Tony's was 64.42. Third equal were Sonny Matekurae and Whitu Taylor.
Janette Jonathan defeated Selina Baker-Clemas in the ladies final.
The men's and ladies pairs are being played tomorrow from 10 am.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Stats From The Super Series. One Game to Go

I hope you can read the stats. Monty Tuhua leads the 180's with 24 for men and Peggy Wikaira leads ladies 180's with 4. Richard Te Whero leads 100 + finishes for men with 13. Three ladies have one 100+ finish Loretta Hunter, Jenni Heavey and Jeanette Scott.
Mike Day leads the men's points table with Monty Tuhua second and Richard Te Whero third. Peggy Wikaira leads the ladies points table with Colleen Curreen second and Jenni Heavey third.
Approx $2500 will be paid out in prize money on the night of the last event on 22 November. There has been an average of 38 players each event night with 88 different players taking part in total.

West City Club Night Results 1/11/12

Tukino Weko with Claudette Smith defeated Ken Moir with Georgia Holt in the final of the West City Darts Association club night drawn pairs ham and chicken tournament. Third equal were Bailey Mathews with Loretta Hunter, and Issac Lewis with Aimee Holt. 16 pairs took part.
180's were scored by Bailey Mathews, Charlene Te Paki and Joseph Gallina. 100+ finishes were scored by Ken Moir 104, Charlene Smith 102 and Nathan Holt 103.
At the same time another 15 players held a practice for the North Island Shield challenge to be held against Counties Manukau on Sunday 11 November at 2 pm at the Bellbird Tavern, Manuwera.
Next Thursday from 7 pm another practice will be held and another ham and chicken tournament for those players not involved in the practice. $5 entry and all players welcome. The club rooms are at 103 Glen Road, Ranui.