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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Maori Tournament November

Entry forms for the maori tournament are about to be sent out by the NZDC.The entries close on 1st October so players wanting to play have only September to get their entries in. If you wish to play you need to contact your association secretary and give them your name and the events you wish to enter and the entry fee. If you are not a member of an association you are ineligible to play. To become a member of an association is easy. Just approach any association and pay the association membership. Any player wanting to play in the above tournament and is not a member of an association can join West City Darts Association for a fee of $50. Just turn up at the club rooms on Thursday night from 7 pm and ask for Peter Page and I will register you. $22 of the fee goes to the NZDC, $5 goes to clubs NZ and $23 is kept by the club. Or you can approach another association and join them if more convenient.

Monday, August 27, 2012

APDE Singles Sunday 2nd September 2012

The APDE singles are being held this Sunday at the West City Darts Association clubrooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. Check in 10.30 am and start 11.00 am. I went back through my old posts to see who won in 2011 as I had forgotten. You play and go to so many events even the winners cannot remember what they did. I found it was Sam Bryant and Peggy Wikaira. Those who were there will remember Sam hitting a 170 finish in the deciding leg of the final. I took a video at the time and it can be found on u tube under heading Sam Bryant hits 170 to win APDE Darts Singles 2011.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Results Super Series Round 7 - 23/8/12

Mike Day defeated Monty Tuhua in the final of Round 7 of the Super Series. Third equal were Tony Lee and Steve Hanley. Fifth equal were Blair Hutchinson, Pine Heke, Peggy Wikaira and Shaun Duvall.
There were 40 entries and 23 qualifiers. 180's were scored by Peter Page (2), Monty Tuhua (2), Peggy Wikaira (3), Nathan Holt, Marc Skinns (2), Jim Hennah (2), Steve Hanley and Mike Day (3).
100 + finishes were scored by Monty Tuhua, Marc Skinns, Steve Hanley, Mike Day, Blair Hutchinson, Pat O'Connell, Tony Lee, Llloyd Watters(2).
The current prize pool is now $1850.
Round 8 is on the 20/9/12. All players welcome. $5 entry.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Super Series Round 7

Royal George Singles on Tonight

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thoughts On Phil Taylor

A highlight of the trip to the Festival of Darts was seeing Phil Taylor up close. He played on the last three days. He was kept separate from everyone in the main hall until he came in to play his games as the draw progressed. Most of the rest of the time he was in a another room with Simon Whitlock and other invited players where he practised till his time to play.

I at first felt a bit sorry for him as he could not mix in the way we players all do and practice without being bothered. There was a security guard on his door to prevent entry except for those authorised. Every time he came out he was accosted by people wanting to talk to him, have their photo taken with him, people wanting his autograph. He responded in a very good humoured way with a lot of grace and was very obliging to anyone who approached. So hats off to him for that. He was truly professional.

After a while I was not quite so sorry for him as darts is is his business and livelihood. He needs the attention of people to make money. As an example his autographed picture could be obtained for $25. His darts, shirts and other items were on sale. Shirts depending on type were $70 to $100.  On one day of the tournament he and Simon Whitlock were on stage with a professional photographer and by paying $25 you got a photo with him and for $45 you could get a photo with him and Simon. Quite a lot of people took advantage of the opportunity. One morning an auction was held and the prize was one hour with Phil in a master class for the winning bidder with 5 friends. You would also get free drinks and a free Phil Taylor shirt for each of your party as part of the prize. Bidding started at $501 and was won by a bid of $1500. All money quoted is Australian. I understand his appearance fee per day was $7,000. Though that is one figure I am not absolutely sure of. I understand he would come to NZ for an exhibition at $10,000 per day. On the day I flew home he was on his way to Melbourne for an exhibition for 1000 people in a racecourse. I suppose that is how the organisers can raise the funds to pay for him. People for a cheap ticket I think were paying $40 a head and then there is to be another exhibition in Adelaide. Good on the organisers for having the balls to take the risk and make it work.

One day when he played Kyle Anderson in a floor match I got quite close. I was within a meter or two and had an unobstructed view with the crowd behind and alongside me. Kyle had hit a 9 darter the day before so he was on fire. It was a great game with Phil winning 6 to 4 and Kyle hitting 5 x 180. A good a game as you would see any where. Phil up close has a great throw as you would expect. The body does not move, just mainly the upper arm and it is machine like up close with no deviation. He is consistent hitting two triples nearly every throw. You could play brilliantly against him and still loose. He had a great sense of humour and had a bit of repartee with the crowd watching. He looked completely relaxed and showed no signs of being under pressure. Kyle created a chance that might have made it even closer than 6 to 4 but missed. So hats off to him.

You could not help but be impressed by Phil as a person. He was very professional the whole time I saw him. Being in the public eye must make life difficult at times but he handled things well. There were one or two security guards with him most of the time when in the hall. I do not think he was in any danger but there are drunken idiots where ever you go and I am sure he has had a few bad experiences in the UK so I respect his caution.

How much practice does he do ? According to Laura , his partner, who accompanied him about 30 minutes or an hour per day. Before a big tournament 3 or 4 hours.

Gold Coast Festival of Darts

I have just returned late last night from Gold Coast Festival of Darts held in the Robina Community Centre, Robina, Gold Coast, Australia . I was one of a group of over 50 kiwis that went over to play for the week. The DPNZ tour party had 41 and Wainui Darts Association had a party of more than 10.

Kevin Berlyn the Chairman of Dart Players Australia told me that there were over 400 people in the venue each day of the festival. There were players from NZ, throughout Australia, a small contingent from Japan, one American and two professionals from England in Phil Taylor and Simon Whitlock.The venue was very nice but a bit small for the 400 or more. Next year Kevin told me the event will be held at a larger venue. He is going to try and get Phil Taylor back and also get Raymond Van Barneveld.  So if you would like to go now is the time to start saving and planning. DPNZ have booked 60 beds at the Diamond Cove Resort for next year.

It was a format that we are not used to in NZ so it took a little adjustment. The men played on 16 boards, straight knockout, best of 11 or if you like first to 6 legs. The ladies played on 4 boards best of 7 straight knockout.

The calibre of darts was higher in my opinion than a NZ championship whether NZDC or Clubs NZ. It was a step up. NZ had some very good players there who did well. In particular Rob Szarbo, Craig Caldwell and Wendy Harper. The Australians had some great players it was just there was more of them. The men's events had more than 128 players in each and there were no easy games. Rob, Craig and Wendy played e particularly well to achieve what they did. Rob amongst other things beat Simon Whitlock a full time professional while Craig and Wendy managed to win tournaments and get other great results. One of the Australians managed a 9 darter. The results are on the Dart Players Australia site.

I very much enjoyed the event. It was very tiring at times with start of play at 10 am and finals being played in the early evening. As there were not many boards, only 4 to practice on, it took a while for games to be played out. I waited 2 and half hours for my first game one day and someone else I spoke to told me they waited 5 hours for their first game. Hopefully the bigger venue next year will allow more boards.

Mike Day Wins The Ashes 16/8/12

Mike Day defeated Steve Hanley in the final of the Ashes held at the West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui on Thursday night. Third equal were Geoff Koster and Marc Skinns. Fifth equal were Anthony Benitez, Geoffrey Wells, Tony Lee and Blair Hutchinson.

180's were scored by Mike Radford (2), Blair Hutchinson, Jeff Harrold, Steve Holt, Mike Day (2), Steve Hanley (2) and Geoff Koster.

Highest finishes were Anthony Benitez 122, Marc Skinns 103, Pine Heke 140, Tony Lee 164, Joseph Gallina 117, David Cureen 129, Monty Tuhua 136 and Dean Webster 108.

The Ashes tournament is an annual open memorial tournament for all the players from West City who have passed on.

Darts are played every Thursday from 7 pm at the clubrooms. All players are welcome.

Central Auckland Dart league Open Singles 15/12/12

Hastings $5000 8th and 9th September 2012

Hawkes Bay Puma Open 8/9/12

Hibernian Drawn Pairs 7/10/12

Graham ( Mac) McNeill Open Singles 6/10/12

Sunday, August 12, 2012

NZ Nationals Rotorua

I have just got back from the NZDC Nationals at Rotorua which I very much enjoyed. I was only there for the last three days.

That is my first time to play at that venue and I thought it was better than the Palmerston North and Nelson venues where it has been held in recent years. It was about the perfect size. I found the other two venues quite cold and that maybe because the halls are larger and harder to heat perhaps.

The NZDC have named their NZ team on their website and it it is quite a strong team. Hopefully they do well.

Being a true blue Aucklander I am always disappointed when there are no Aucklanders in the team but looking at the overall results none of them did anything that would have made them worthy of consideration. Although the Auckland men won the region title but that seems to have been about it. The strength of NZ darts seems to lie in the Lower North island, Wellington and Canterbury with the odd good players from other areas.

I am flying to Australia tomorrow so will not be blogging for a week. There are about 50 kiwis heading over for the Golden Festival of Darts. At a local level I am 100 per cent behind my club. At a national level 100 per cent behind Auckland. If it is North versus South I am 100 per cent behind the North. Internationally I am 100 per cent behind the Kiwis. So I will be in Australia. Hopefully we can do the business and bring back some of that Aussie money and trophies back to NZ. John Key needs the money to help our economy. Those Aussies have got too much of it. Ka kite ano.

Region 11 Labour Weekend Tournmanet

There is a bit of a trend emerging of large money tournments being organised outside the auspices of the NZDC or DPNZ. The advantage is you can have them on any date that suits you, under what ever format suits you and you do not have to pay a fee to the NZDC or DPNZ. Disadvantages are no ranking points which might attract more players and possible clashes of dates that do not work to your advantage. This joins the Taranaki Open which is held at Easter as part of the trend. The main goal is to make a profit. If you do not make a profit or at least break even your tournament is probably not going to last that long. Good luck to these organisers. I will not be going as I am entered in the NZ National RSA tournament in Papakura that weekend otherwise I would have considered it. They will get a lot of entries from throughout the Lower North island. The NZDC Dunedin singles is that weekend but they would not have got anyone from the South Island to travel to Greytown I do not think anyway so they would not miss out on players .

West City Club Night 9/8/12 Results

Anthony Benitez defeated Blair Hutchinson in the final of the West City Club Night singles held at the clubrooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui on Thursday night. Third equal were Jeff Harrold and Richard Foy. Fifth equal were Brent McLuckie, Jimmy Hennah, Stacey Heavey and Mike McLeod.
180's were scored by Jeff Harrold (2), Brent McLuckie and Marc Skinns. The highest score was 174 Stacey Heavey. The highest finish was 124 and 134 Blair Hutchinson.
Club night is held every Thursday from 7 pm. All players are welcome. $5 entry.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

NZDC Nationals 2012

The New Zealand Dart Council National Dart championships start tomorrow Sunday 5th August with the Region games and go through to Friday. A lot of players will have travelled to Rotorua today. Good luck to the Auckland men and ladies region teams. It is about time they won those region titles.

I am going down later in the week to play in the NZ Open, NZ Singles and Men's pairs. So there will not be much blogging this week. I will blog when I get back on Saturday.

Of interest to me this week is the selection of the NZ team. The NZDC has not indicated to my knowledge that they intend to send a team to the Asia-Pacific Cup in Darwin later this year. They did not send a team to the World Cup last year because of finances so there is a question mark whether they will send a team to Darwin this year or not. I hope a team is sent.If one is sent it will be four men and two ladies.

They do not have a selection policy so how they select can be a mystery. My observations of what has gone on in past years is that the team tends to be a tournament team. If your form/results are good through the week you stand a good chance of getting in. The incumbent team members are there first and to get past them players have to play better. It is no good being as good as a current team member you need to clearly out perform them.

Good luck to everyone. I will see you there maybe.

Club Night Results 2/8/12

Mike Day defeated Monty Tuhua in the final of the West City Darts Association club Night Singles held at the clubrooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui on Thursday night. Third equal were Peter Page and Pine Heke. Fifth equal were Dean Webster, PJ Johnson, Ron Glavish and Blair Hutchinson.
180's were scored by Anthony Benitez, Steve Hanley, Ron Glavish, Blair Hutchinson, Mike Day (2), Monty Tuhua, Geoff Koster, Blair Neverman (2), Dave Owen and Joseph Gallina.
100 + finishes Steve Hanley 100, Monty Tuhua 102 (2), Blair Neverman 105.
Club night is held Thursday from 7 pm . All players are welcome.

Friday, August 3, 2012

APDE playoffs for ADA 12 and 18 August 2012