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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Royal George Wednesday 1st August 2012

The second singles tournament is at the Royal George this Wednesday. I heard on the dart vine that Richard Te Whero defeated Monty Tuhua in the final of the first one and they had 26 entries. The Royal George is in the Avondale Racecourse.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Super Series Points after 6 events

58 - Monty Tuhua.
40 - Mike Day.
27 - Richard Te Whero.
24 - Geoff Koster, Steve Hanley.
18 - Mike Radford.
17 - Stephen Holt.
15 - Blair Hutchinson.
14 - Blair Neverman.
12 - Peter Page, Dean Webster, Marc Skinns.
10 - Tony Lee, Phil Cave.
8   - Dave Owen.
7   - Dave Curreen, Collen Curreen, Peggy Wikaira.
6   - Jim Hennah, Ken Moir, Lloyd Watters, Andre Alberton.
5   - Blair Wilcock, Wills Terore.
4   - Gordon Comrie, Joseph Gallina, Ron Glavish, Mark Whitehouse, PJ Johnson.
3   - Loretta Hunter, Jenni Heavey, Shaun Duvall, Nathan Holt.
2   - Alan Rogers, Heemi Johnson, Anthony Benitez, Troy Henderson, Deon Toki, Jimbo Saddlier.
1   - David Day, Jason Amos, Lloyd Tomkins, Gary Whyte, Dean Faithful, Tuli Tavetau.

Most 180's men - Monty Tuhua 19, Mike Day 8, Richard Te Whero 6, Steve Hanley 5, Geoff Koster 5, Peter Page 5, Lloyd Waters 4, Steve Holt 4.

Most 180's ladies: Peggy Wikaira 1, Jenni Heavey 1, Loretta Hunter 1

Most 100 + finishes men - Steve Hanley 8,  Monty Tuhua 7, Richard Te Whero 7, Ron Glavish 3.

Most 100 + finishes women - Loretta Hunter 1 , Jeanette Scott 1.

Current Prize Pool - $1650.

Event 7: Thursday 23rd August. All players welcome. $5 entry. 7 pm at the club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui

Mike Day Wins Club Night Singles 26/7/12

Mike Day defeated Monty Tuhua in the final of the West City Darts Association club night singles held at the West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui on Thursday night. 30 players took part and there were 16 qualifiers.
Third equal were Peggy Wikaira and Blair Neverman. Fifth equal were Steve Hanley, Dean Webster, Anthony Benitez and Stephen Holt.
180's were scored by Peggy Wikaira, Peter Page, Mike Day (2), geoff Koster (2) and Steve Hanley. 100+ finishes were recorded for Loretta Hunter 108, Monty Tuhua 120(2) and Blair Neverman 115.
Club night is held every Thursday from 7.00 pm. All players are welcome. $5 entry.
West City player, Hemi Johnson is pictured warming up.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

King Country Puma Open 22/9/12

I was very disappointed to see the date set for this tournament. It clashes with the NZDC Auckland Open held on the same day in Auckland. I know a few players who will be coming up for the Auckland Open from the King Country and will miss the above tournament. Having a clash does not help either event. The Auckland Open is offering $1200 for the first male player and $800 for the first lady player. If they had scheduled the above tournament the next weekend they would get more entries or maybe they don't want more entries. It defies common sense.

Canterbury Puma Open 15/9/12

Hawkes Bay Puma Open 8/9/12

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Results Tokoroa Mixed Threes

A team of Peter Page, Peggy Wikaira and Maurice Wikaira defeated a team of Lou Tai, Mayreen Tai and Robbie Dick 4 to 3 in the final of the 15th Annual Tokoroa Mixed Threes held at the Tokoroa Cosmopolitan club, Tokoroa earlier today. There were about 30 pairs entered and 16 qualifiers. Teams from Waihi, Rotorua and the Waikato played. The furthest travellers were Peter Page and Peggy Wikaira from Auckland.

A number of players scored 180's and as there was a prize for the most. As no one had got more than one there was a playoff for the prize. Each player had 9 darts to get the biggest score. Tama Rueben of the Ohaupo Club scored 300 with his 9 darts to scoop the prize. The highest ladies finish went to Mihi Pike. The highest men's finish was 124 for a player from the Rotorua Citizens club. I am sorry I am a bit light on the detail I did not have the presence of mind to make notes at the prize giving.

The last Tokoroa threes was won by Janette Jonathan, Bill Fergus and Jamie Smith. They were not there this time so it gave others the opportunity. This was my third year there and nice to get a team to play in and nice to get a win. Sometimes I have just been the driver.

We left Auckland at 6.30 am and got to Tokoroa at 9 am. I had my usual breakfast of scrambled eggs, baked beans and toast when I got there. Play started at 11 am. The last card finished at 3 pm so it was a long day. It was best of 5 legs on the card so that is why it took a bit longer. We managed a bye and two wins to sneak into the main round.

We were fortunate to win our first three knock out games 3 to nil. The games were closer than the scoreline suggest. I cannot remember too much about the final other than it being  3 all after 6 legs and we had to play a seventh and deciding leg. Our team scored well in that leg and after 18 darts we had 35 left. I went up to throw with plenty of confidence and self-belief. I went for single 3 to leave double 16 but hit triple 3 to leave 26. I practice all the doubles on the board so just went for it. It went in and that was that.

After prize giving 7 of us went to the Chinese takeaway across the road from the club and had a meal before heading home. We left Tokoroa at 7 pm and were home at 9.30 pm.

That guy in the red shirt in the photo above needs to go and see Jenny Craig. I keep telling him to stop drinking that cheap bourbon and coke but he will not listen.

The next trip is the NZDC nationals at Rotorua.  We are only going down for the Open, singles and pairs. Do bad there is not a mixed threes I might stand a chance. Heh heh.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Joining Club NZ

West City Darts association has been a member of Clubs NZ for about two years and has always been a member of the NZ Darts Council. It means the members can play in New Zealand Dart Council events and Clubs NZ Darts events. For those that do not know the New Zealand Dart Council and Clubs NZ control darts in NZ at a national level. Both organisations organise ranking events and National tournaments and both select NZ representative teams.

The club decided to join Clubs NZ as some  members of the Association were playing in Clubs NZ events for other clubs as they could not do it through West City as the club was not affiliated. It was a way for the members to play in both systems and not have to be a member of more than one club.

When I was at the Clubs NZ Nationals in Blenheim recently a member of the executive of another Darts Association asked me what the process was as his club is considering doing the same thing. It is a pretty simple process if an Association wants to consider it. You just fill out the application form which you can get from the Clubs NZ website. Send it in with a membership list, a copy of your constitution and other details.
You will be visited by your Clubs NZ area representative and other Clubs NZ clubs in your area are asked if they object. Once you are past that you pay $5 per member per year and that's it. We have at present about 80 odd members so pay $400 odd dollars per year. I had some club membership cards made with each members details on it. Each card has the NZDC symbol and the Clubs NZ symbol on it. Each card cost about $2. Maybe a little less. So the costs to join are not prohibitive and become part of our club membership which is $50 per year.

Our club was not the first to do this. The players from the Ohaupo Darts Association in the Waikato play from the Ohaupo Bowling Club and were doing it for some years before us.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Mike Day Wins Super Series 6

Mike Day defeated Steve Holt in the final of Super Series 6 event held at the West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui last night. Third equal were Dean Webster and Blair Neverman. Fifth equal were Richard Te Whero, Marc Skinns, Geoff Koster and Monty Tuhua.

41 players took part. 180's were scored by Anthony Benitez, Steve Hanley, Lloyd Watters, Jenni Heavey, Steve Holt (2), Monty Tuhua (2), Heemi Johnson, Mike Day (2), Peter Page (2) and Geoff Koster. 100+ finishes Anthony Beritez (100), Steve Holt (100), Monty Tuhua (103), Richard Te Whero (101) and Dean Webster 2 x (120).

The current prize pool is $1650. Event 7 is to be held Thursday 23/8/12. All players welcome. $5 entry. I will publish an update of the points table when it comes to hand in next few days.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Royal George Dart Club To Close 31/12/12

The George is to close. They are holding the above series of 10 singles tournaments on Wednesday nights as of the 25 July to say goodbye. If you need any more detail contact Lou Williams 0272936119. For those that do not know the clubrooms are upstairs at the Avondale racecourse.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Golden Festival of Darts - One ticket left.

If anyone wants to go to the Golden Festival of Darts on the Gold Coast leaving NZ 13/8 and returning   to NZ 20/8 there is one ticket from Auckland left. Cost is approx $1200 and includes return airfares, accommodation Diamond Cove resort, rental vans, entry into minimum 4 men and ladies seperate tournaments. Phil Taylor, 15 time world champion will be there and playing. There will be a Australia v NZ test match and time for shopping and doing touristy things.

Some details are on the Darts Players Australia website plus I can e-mail you some if you like. My e-mail is

Main contacts to secure ticket and details are Taffy Pugh at 09 278 3759 and or Dale Frampton, tour organiser at

Be quick as 24 hours ago there were 3 tickets and now two have already been snapped up.

I went on a similar trip in 2008 when it was held at Shoalhaven Heads , South of Sydney. That time they had players like Ronnie Baxter, Robert Thornton, James Wade and Dennis Ovens playing.  It was the best dart trip I have been on. There are no guarantees of enjoyment of course but it is looking pretty good. Peggy and I are again booked on this one.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Graham ( Mac) McNeill Open Singles Hastings 6/10/12

ADA Mixed Pairs 22/7/12

Mixed Threes Tokoroa 22/7/12

Clubs NZ Nationals Results 2012

I am back from the Club NZ Nationals. Needless to say I drank too much and ate too much. It was a very enjoyable event and well run.

The results can be found on Capital Darts if you click the link to the right. The NZ team is on Big Ken's North Otago site again click link to the right.

I was impressed with the venue. It is one of the larger clubs in NZ and has 10,000 members. It seems to be utilised by the whole community of Blenhiem.

It is probably large enough for a NZDC nationals. Maybe sometime in the future NZDC will look at holding events in a Club NZ venue. The surroundings and comfort a lot better than the stadiums they use now. It would be cheaper I expect. I know the NZDC run its Nationals at a loss. This might be away to break even or make a profit. Venues I have seen that would be large enough would be the Invercargill Working Men's clubs, the Hornby Club in Christchurch and even the upstairs of the Onehunga Working Men's club in Auckland. The advantage would be that there is no hireage fee. The hosting club makes such a profit from the players they are only too happy to be the host. Maybe it will happen sometime in the future.

Another thing I was impressed with was the tremendous sportsmanship and graciousness of the players win or loose.

Super Series Round 6 This Thursday

Monday, July 9, 2012

Latest DPNZ Ranking Points 9/7/12

Men: (1)  Dave Harrington 88, (2) Warren French 84, (3) Craig Dunn 78, (4) Neville Herbert 64, (5) Warren Parry 60, (6) Monty Tuhua 56, (7) Shane Tishowitsch Aus 56, (8) Peter Hunt 48, (9) Sean Reed Aus 44, (10) Richard Te Whero 44, (11) Craig Ross 44. (12) Wayne Carey 44.

Those are the top men They are the only ones that can make the top 4 with one event left to play in the Nationals in Blenheim this week. There are 267 names on the ranking list. I have not bothered to list them as none of them have enough points to make it even if they win the singles on Saturday. The top 4 go to Australia to play in 4 or 5 tournaments at the Festival of Darts on the Gold Coast and play in a test against the Australians. The two Australians on the list Reed and Tishowitsch are ineligible so forget them. Warren Parry is still recovering from a shoulder operation and apparently not going to the Nationals so discount him. If players are tied on equal points for the fourth spot then it is the player that goes the furthest at the Nationals gets the spot. Also you need to attend the Nationals and play also. Dave Harrington, Warren French and Craig Dunn just have to turn up to make the team. It does not matter if they get points or not as they have so many no one can catch them. The maximum points for winning the singles at the Nationals is 20. So the contest is on really for the fourth spot which Neville Herbert has on 64. He can be caught or passed by the others. The number one male gets the trip to England to play in the PDC World Dart Championships in Late December. The way the points are only Harrington, French and Dunn can get that spot.

Ladies: (1) Jane Harrington 96, (2) Sarah Pitama 88, (3) Chrissy Hay 76, (4) Peggy Wikaira (68) (5) Tara Mears 60, (6) Rosalie Ritchie 52.

In the ladies the top three cannot be caught. So the contest is for fourth spot held by Peggy Wikaira. Only Tara Mears and Rosalie Ritchie have enough points to pass Peggy if they do well.

I am a great supporter of the DPNZ and their system but you can see some imbalances in the system. In some of the smaller tournaments there are only about 30 entries yet you get 20 points for winning. If you play in the Nationals with maybe 200 entries you still only get 20 points for winning yet it is a much harder task.

Early Report NZ Junior and Youths

Day 1:

The Junior Boys Pairs was won by Josh Penney and James Kelly of Region 2.

Runner up in the Junior Boys Pairs Consolation were Tamati Phillips and Campbell Holt of Region 2.

In the Youth boys singles Brendan Coutts, R2 reached last 8 and Nathan Holt R2 last 16.

Day 2:

Nathan Holt and Brendon Coutts R2 Youth boys pairs last 8.

Marie Siavale and Stacey Heavey R2 Third equal Youth girls pairs.

Stormy Chung and Makayla Arona R2 last 8 Girls pairs.

Janelle Phillips R2 runner up Junior Girls consolation.

Josh Penney R2 Third Equal Junior Singles.

James Kelly First Junior Singles.

Super Series Event 6 is on 19 July 2012

A few people have asked me when the next super series event is. It is on 19 July. It is open to everyone. $5 entry.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

About The Blog

I am on the way to Blenhiem this coming Tuesday to go to the Club NZ Nationals and will not be blogging I do not think till I get back. Unless I find a handy computor there and have something to report. So this site will be quiet for a week.

I started the blog about three years ago mainly to report what was going on at the West City darts Association where I am the current Treasurer. It was just a way of publising the club and reminding people we were there, where we were and inviting people to come and play. From that point of view it has been quite successful. The blog plus other things have bought our membership up from a low of about 25 four years ago to over 80 at present and might hit a hundred by the end of the year.

Because we are on the internet people searching darts in Auckland strike our site. This has meant new members and we even have hosted the odd corporate event where groups like Flight Centre have hired the hall and had a social get together with a few games of darts. Potential players from other parts of Auckland, where it has been too far for them to travel to the West for a game, I have directed to other clubs and associations closer to where they live.

This year is about the sixth year I have been on the committee at West City. I have led various posts. The latest being treasurer. I intend to stand down at our AGM at the end of the year and give someone else the opportunity. Arriving at the club I intended to be just a player but got roped into administration by the committee at the time. That work has meant probably an average of 4 hours a week on club business. You have to find that time between playing, work, family life and other interests. The spark I had to do that sort of thing has waned a little in recent years and it is time for enthusiastic others to have a go. I have met quite a few darts administrators around NZ in my travels and my hat goes off to them all. It is done for the love of the game and the love of the people involved and for no other reason.

I intend to keep writing and reporting on this blog and have some plans to expand it and put more time and energy into it come 2013. It was started as I said just to report on West City news but now covers more things in the Auckland area and some things around NZ. The blog gets about a 100 hits a day which is not bad for a minority sport. It does not make any money to speak off. Each time a google ad is opened by a reader I get a few cents. After 30,000 and more hits it is about $70 from advertising which I have not collected off google just yet. They post a cheque when you hit $100.

I have invited a few people over the years to be guest bloggers but no one has taken up the invitation. If you want to write something e-mail me at and send an article and or photos.

Darts is not or next to never reported by the mainstream media in NZ. It is a sub-culture enjoyed  by a small group of maybe 5,000 or 10,000 people in this country. Not understood by anyone who has not played or been involved. One of the younger players at my club was telling me that he had a certain girlfriend he had been going out with from school days. He broke up with her. At this time of the break up he became interested in darts and subsequently a player in our club. He now plays up to 3 or 4 times a week. He is on his way to being obsessed. He then reconciled with his girlfriend and she came with him on occasion to darts. She could not understand what had happened to him and why he was taken and devoted to the game. The beauty of this game and way of life it encompasses is only known to those who take part and outsiders find it difficult to understand. I remember on another occasion being at a large dart tournament somewhere where there were a few hundred players. It may have been at a Clubs NZ North Island championship. A young lady came into the venue about 9 am. She knew nothing about darts or its culture but was a guest of one of the players. I chatted to her and she was in shock. She never seen so many people queuing at the bar and drinking at that time in the morning and said so. Darts may be the last refuge of people who are politically incorrect but are not aware that they are.

Anyway long may this way of life continue.

This Saturday In Auckland

Auckland 70 West City Selection 30

The Auckland Region 2 team played a West City Darts Association selection at the West City club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui on Saturday afternoon as a practice game for the Nationals in August. The format was two teams of ten, 1 leg 701. The final score was 70 to 30 in favour of Region 2. The Auckland team was Cody Harris, Sonny Harris, Monty Tuhua, Richard Te Whero, Mike Day, Rob Grant, Sam Bryant, Blair Neverman, Marsh Tamatea and Richie of Counties. Two players were absent Tuks Weko and Barry Kapa. Marsh Tamatea ( Manager) and Richie of Counties filled in to make a team of ten.

The team are planning one more practice. It will be against Counties Manukau Darts Association at the Bellbird in a few weeks.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Region 2 Men's Team Practice

The Auckland  Men's Region 2 team is playing a practice game against a West City selection this afternoon from 1 pm at the clubrooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. The West City team is Blair Hutchinson, Brevis Herbert, Alan Rogers, Geoff Koster, Steve Hanley, Mike Radford, Peter Page, Marc Skinns, Jimmy Hennah and Dean Webster.  Spectators and volunteer chalkers welcome.

The event is being held to support the team in its efforts to win the National title in August. Come on Auckland.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Oceanic Masters 2012

There was rumour that this event was going to be held in October of this year at the Hornby Club, Christchurch. those tentative plans have changed. The DPA on their website have announced that the event will be held on October 26/27/28 at the Tradies Club, Woden Canberra, Australia instead.

Some of you readers may have been thinking of going to Christchurch for it. Now you have to fly to Canberra.

DPNZ Ranking Lists

The latest DPNZ ranking lists are out. Up to date till 30/6/12. Click on Big Ken's North Otago Darts link on right hand side. There is one more event to be played before the Nationals at Blenhiem. That is the West Coast Puma Open this weekend.

Monty Wins Club Night Singles 6/7/12

Monty Tuhua defeated Mike Radford in the West City club night singles. Third equal were Steve Hanley and Anthony Benitez. Fifth equal were Peter Page, Mike Day, Nathan Holt and Dave Curreen. 29 players took part. 180's Blair neverman (2), Mike Day, Peter Page, Steve Hanley, Dave McNamara, Colleen Curreen, Mike Radford, Geoff Koster and Monty Tuhua. Highest finishes Blair neverman 124, Mike Day 120, 114  and Colleen Curreen 146.

Monty is making a habit this year of winning. He is loosing the odd game on his card but not very often in the knock out round. He is having a purple patch. Good luck to Monty at the Clubs NZ Nationals in Blenhiem next week. He is in top four contention to win a spot in the DPNZ team to go to Australia in August. Monty has quite a bit of success over the years winning different titles in singles and pairs. At the NZDC nationals he was runner up in the singles one year. He has been in plenty of Auckland and North Island teams but never quite made a National team although he has played at times well enough to have been in such a team. I have my fingers crossed for Monty at Blenhiem. I hope he makes it. You need a little bit of luck with the draw and little bit of luck in games sometimes to get through. The games can be so close and the players so even in skill.

Monday, July 2, 2012

West City Singles Championship Results

Monty Tuhua defeated Geoffrey Wells in the final of the West City Darts Association championship men's singles held at the club rooms, 103 Glen Road on Sunday afternoon. Third equal were Blair Hutchinson and Dean Webster. Fifth equal were Heemi Johnson, Jimmy Hennah, Gary Whyte and Mike Radford. 180's were scored by Monty Tuhua (2), Mike Day (2), Llloyd Tomkins, Geoff Koster and Blair Hutchinson. Highest finish 109 Steve Hanley, 115 Nic Jatlov.

Peggy Wikaira defeated Kristal McDermott in the final of the ladies singles. Third equal were Rita Wells and Colleen Curreen. Highest finish 110 Peggy Wikaira. 180 Peggy Wikaira.

Both Monty and Peggy have won these titles before.

West City Pairs Championships.

Mike Day and Dean Webster defeated Monty Tuhua nd Geoff Koster in the final of the West City Darts Association men's pairs held at West City's clubrooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui on Sunday afternoon. 180's were scored by Jim Saddlier, Heemi Johnson, Mike Day, Monty Tuhua and Peter Page. High score Joseph Gallina 140. Highest Finish Monty Tuhua 124. There were 7 qualifiers.

Kristal McDermott amd Emma Heavey defeated Rita Wells and Marianne Ruka in the ladies final. Highest score Tanaya Wikaira 140. There were 4 qualifiers.

Qualifier Mike Radford pictured in shirt of his own design.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

ADA Graded Singles/Pairs results Sat 30/6/12, held at West City Clubrooms

Singles Results:

Prems: Winner- Monty Tuhua (West City). Runner-up: Peter Page (West City). 180's Monty (3), Leon Sergeev (1). Highest Start 160- Jim Hennah. Highest Score Geoff Koster 140. Highest Finish Monty 135.

Star: Winner Blair Hutchinson (West City). Runner up Stephen Holt (West City). 180's Blair Hutchinson(1), Steve Holt(1). Highest Start Blair Neverman 125. Highest Score Steve Holt 140.

A Grade: Winner Josh Penney (Mahuta), Runner up Collen Curreen (West City). Highest start 110 Rob Scott. Highest Score Jennie Heavey 140. Highest Finish 89 Josh Penney.

B Grade: Winner Charlie Siavale ( Pukaki). Runner up: Emma Heavey (Wewst City). Highest start 120 Charlie Siavale. Highest score 104 Emma Heavey. Highest Finish 60 Emma Heavey.

Pairs Results:

Prems: Monty Tuhua and Geoff Koster (West City). Runners up: Steve Holt and Marc Skinns (West City). 180 Mal Berry. Highest Start 146 Henry Ford. Highest score 140 Jim hennah. Highest Finish 117 Marc Skinns. 180 Tama killuyi.

Star: Winners Blair Hutchinson and Blair Neverman (West City) Runners up Jennie and Raewyn Heavey (West City) 180 Blai Hutchinson.

A Grade: Winners: Maria Siavale (MUDC) and Latz Tekana (Jokers). Runners up: Colleen Curreen and Nathan Holt (West City). Highest start 100 Colleen Curreen. Highest Score 140 Nathan Holt. Highest Finish 87 Jeanette Scott.

B Grade: Winners: Charlie Siavale and James Kelly (Pukaki). Runners up: Emma Heavey amd Lou Williams (West City). Highest Score: 140 Emma Heavey. Highest Finish 40 Annexe Erickson.

Monty Tuhua is pictured. The day was organised by Girl Kahaki, Jill McDonald and Raewyn Heavey.