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Friday, March 30, 2012

West City Darts Club Night Results 29/3/12

Men's playoff to get to Region playoffs top 8 with reserves and wins in bracket were Mike Day (14), Marc Skinns (13), Steve Hanley (12), Monty Tuhua (10), Mike Radford (10), Blair Neverman (9), Geoff Koster (9), Dean Webster (9), Gary Whyte (9) and Steve Holt (8).

Ladies playoff results Loretta Hunter (9), Maree Mayall (6), Maine Ngametua (6), Gail Oliver (5), Colleen Curreen (5), Janet Johnson (5), Rita Wells (5), Rouru Douthett (5), Jeanette Scott (3), Lou Williams (1).

Club night singles winner Nathan Holt, runner -up Graeme Douthett.

180's Mike Day (3), Monty Tuhua (3), Jason Amos (2), Steve Hanley (2), Nathan Holt, Steve Holt, Jim Hennah, Gary Whyte, Geoff Koster, Blair Neverman.

Highest finishes Dean Webster 104, 108, Pat Oconnell 106, Oliva Cureen 103

Tokoroa Mixed Threes 1st April

Sorry about the poster it was sent to me today in a funny form and I could not figure out how to get all of it on the screen. I did not realise it was on. It was held in July last year. Good prize money.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

West City Playoffs For Region Playoffs Tonight

Any West City Darts Association member who wishes to play for the Region at the coming NZDC National championships to be held in August at Rotorua must go to the West City club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui tonight and play in club playoffs to be eligible for the Region playoffs in April. The top 8 men and top 8 ladies will go through. The format will be 701, one leg, straight start round robin. The top 8 will be the players with most wins.

If any player who wishes to playoff and is not a member and not a member of any other Association pays $50 they will be given membership to the West City Darts Association and can play.

All players entering in the playoffs must intend to go to the NZDC championships. Each qualifying player for the Region playoffs has to pay a fee of $25 which goes to the Region.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wayne Carey Dart Tips

While I was in Wanganui over the weekend I had a conversation with Wayne Carey. Wayne has represented NZ in three World Cups, one Asia - Pacific Cup and won a NZ Singles title. I asked him for a few dart tips. He has been playing as an adult for 30 years and keeps playing because he enjoys the people. He told me he was last selected at the age of 59 which would make him one of the older players to make the team. When he won the NZ singles he was in the zone and knew the darts were going in. He offered the following;

Be comfortable with yourself.

Do everything the same, same action, same attitude. Just like goal kicking in rugby.

Keep head still.

The hand or wrist over the elbow.

Be conscious of your technique in practice so it is automatic in competition.

Sometimes your biorhythms are not going to be in line and darts might not be there. Good players will hold there temperament and be consistent.

After a certain level it is what goes on in your head as to whether you are successful.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Latest Ranking List

The latest ranking list for men and ladies with results from the West Coast North Island Open held at Wanganui are on Big Ken's North Otago site. Click on the link on right hand corner of page.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Region 2 Mixed Pairs This Sunday

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wanganui Open results

Yesterday I was in Wanganui playing in the Wanganui Open. I went down with Monty Tuhua and Peggy Wikaira. We were the only Aucklanders who attended. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in chasing points and making the Club NZ team or just anyone who loves a good game.

The event was held at the Castlecliff club in Wanganui and extremely well run by Dennis Hancock and his assistants. A great atmosphere amongst the players with great sportsmanship.

Monty Tuhua defeated Mark McGrath in the men's final 5 to 2. Monty won the first leg in 23 darts. Mark could not start. It took him 16 darts to get off the mark. In the second leg Monty finished in 19 darts hitting 56. In the third leg Mark came back with a 180 and a 17 darter. Monty hit a 180 in the next leg and won in 15 darts. Mark took the next in 21 darts finishing on 116. Monty got the next in 23 darts. Mark replied with a 23 darter and a 72 finish. Monty took the final leg in 17 darts with a 41 finish.

This has boosted Monty to second on the points table. There were 31 entries in the men's event. I struggled through to 5th equal. Bill Fergus and Leon Twose were third equal.

In the ladies there were 17 entries. A large group came up from Wellington. Chrissy Hay defeated Peggy Wikaira in the final 5 to 2. Peggy had some trouble starting in too many of the legs. This placing I think has put Peggy into the number one spot.

So not a bad effort from us Jaffas that did decide to go down. One curious thing though was the food they serve in these places south of the Bombay hills. We left Te Awamutu, where we spent Friday night at 5.30 am Saturday morning to get to Wanganui in time for the start. We stopped for breakfast at a cafe in Wanganui before going to the club. I had my favourite scrambled eggs, toast and baked beans You can tell I am not sophisticated in my eating habits even though I come from Auckland. The surprise was they bought the baked beans to me in a bowl and not on the toast as I am usually accustomed. This I thought it some abberation that must exclusively belong to the eating habits of the people of Wanganui. But no to my surprise upon our return that night we stopped at the Railway Carriage Cafe in the main street of Taumaranui. We got there at about 9 pm. We had not eaten since breakfast though I had many liquid beverages in Wanganui. No I was not driving. Yes again even though it was 9 pm at night I ordered my favourite meal of baked beans, scrambled eggs and toast. Shock horror again the beans came in a bowl. Now I am back in the wonderful city of Auckland where baked beans are only found on toast. Too bad about the rugby. We should not have put those two Wellington players in the team.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Super Series Points leaders

Leading Men: Monty Tuhua (18), Mike Day (16), Richard Te Whero (12), Geoff Koster (10), Tony Lee (10) Mike Radford (6), Steven Hanley (6) Peter Page (6), Stephen Holt (6), Blair Neverman (4), Dave Owen (4), Gordon Comrie (4), Marc Skinns (4), Andre Albertyn (4).

Leading Lady: Peggy Wikaira (4)

Most men's 180's. Deon Toki (3), Lloyd Watters (3), Mike Day (3), Richard Te Whero (3)

Most Ladies 180's: Peggy Wikaira (1).

Most Ladies Highest Finishes: Loretta Hunter (1).

Most men's Highest Finishes: Peter Page (2), Stephen Hanley (2)

Prize Pool Now: $865.

Next Event Super Series 3 : 19th April

All players are welcome to play $5 entry.

Mike Day Wins Event 2 Super Series 22/3/12

Mike Day (12 pts) defeated Tony Lee (8 pts) in the second super series event final held at West City Darts association club rooms, 103 Glen Road last night. 37 players took part. Third equal were Monty Tuhua ( 6 pts) and Richard Te Whero (6 pts), 5th equal with 4 points were Marc Skinns, Stephen Holt, Mike Radford and Albert Albertyn, 9th equal with 2 points were Dean Webster, Blair Neverman, Shaun Duvall, Ron Glavish, Geoff Koster, Peter Page, Gordon Comrie, and Dave Owen, 17th equal with one point were Tuli Tauetau, Llloyd Watters, Wills Terore and Dave Curran

180's were scored by Richard Te Whero (2), Blair Neverman, Wills Terore, Lloyd Watters, Stephen Holt and Marc Skinns. 100 plus finishes were Tony lee 101, 115 Loretta Hunter, 130 Ron Glavish.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This Saturday DPNZ Ranking Tournament Wanganui

Monday, March 19, 2012

Super Series Event 2 This Thursday at West City. Current Prize Pool $680

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mike Corlett Wins Auckland District RSA Memorial Singles

Mike Corlett defeated Tom Williams in the final of the Auckland District RSA Singles held earlier this afternoon at the New Lynn RSA, New Lynn. Third equal were Peter Page and Dave Ellis. Mike won this same event last year.

The fours were held in the morning and won by Hobsonville RSA who defeated Mt Wellington RSA in the final. Hobsonville were Lou Underwood, Dave Ellis, Peter Melville and Bill Perry. Mt Wellington were Tom Williams, Issac Lewis, Brian Oliver and George Moore.

180's were scored by Peter Page (2), Peter Melville, Bill Perry, Issac Lewis, Tom Williams and Faye Shearsby.

Highest finish Peter Page 107.

Highest Start Tom Williams 130.

Highest Score Lou Underwood 174.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Monty Wins Wins West City Club Night Singles 15/3/12

Monty Tuhua defeated Dean Webster in the final of the West City Darts Association club night singles. 36 players took part. Runners up were Geoff Koster and Blair Neverman. 7 x 180's were scored. The highest finish was Monty with 116.
Club nights are held every Thursday from 7 pm. All players are welcome to play. The clubrooms are at 103 Glen Road, Ranui. This Thursday will be event two of the Super Series. There will be a social competition for those who do not want to play in the Super Series.

Friday, March 16, 2012

How To Get A Second Life From a Worn Dart Board

Geoff Koster of West City Darts association told me that he got 6 worn dartboards from the Oasis Dart Club in Helensville and was able to renew them and have them looking and playing like new using the following method;

1. On a worn board usually the bull ring is loose. Geoff takes the ring out sands it, puts it back in. Then he gets a tube of Urethane with a thin nozzle and sticks the nozzle in between the ring and fibers in a several places and pumps urethane in. He then clamps the ring in place till the urethane which acts as a glue goes hard.
2. Next he takes any mounts or screws on the back of the board off. Then lays it on a flat surface and gets a piece of 16mm plywood that covers the top of the board. He then hammers the board with his hammer to knock the double and triple rings in flush with the bristles. Usually on a worn board these rings are protruding. He then goes around the outside of the twenty five ring and double ring inserting Urethane in between the ring and fibres using the fine nozzle so the rings are glued in place.
3. Whilst the glue is drying he gets some fluro green, dark green and bright red nail polish which he has purchased from the $2 shop and colours the red and green parts of the board. He mixes the two greens to get the right shade. He may use thinners to help the colour to soak into fibres.
4. Finally he gets some thinners and some acyclic lacquer clearcoat ( Used in spraying cars) and sprays it over the top of the board. The board ends up looking like new.

The whole process takes about half an hour and cost him $6 per board. He was fortunate in that he has the thinners and clearcoat in his workshop from his trade so it does not cost him for that.

He says the boards when used are quite hard but after they have been played on for a while they start behaving just as a new board would. The owner of the Oasis when he saw the boards returned thought Geoff had bought new boards.

The rings coming out of the boards can be a problem when they are worn. Someone did tell me that Sonny Harris ( Local Auckland Player) drives over them in his truck to get the rings back. That is kiwi ingenuity.

Karoo Atlas Open Pairs 10/4/12

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bill Margison and Frank Malam Men's and Ladies Pairs 22 April 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

West City Darts Association Club Champs

Thursday, 10th May 2012, Holt Rosebowl.

Thursday 7th June 2012, Club Mixed Pairs.

Sunday 1st July 2012, Club Pairs and Singles.

Thursday 13th September 2012 Ashes.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Renee Stacey Challenges 2012

Ladies Challenges 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Rex Stone Drawn Pairs This Sunday 18 March at Cosmos. Ignore date on poster of 17th it is wrong. Correct Date is the 18/3/12

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Auckland RSA Fours and Singles This Coming Sunday

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Distribution Of NZDC Ranking Tournaments.

At the moment there are 4 NZDC ranking tournaments in the North Island. There is the North Island Masters, NZ Masters, Auckland Open and Ted Clement (Levin) Open. In the South Island there are three. The South Island Masters, Canterbury Open, and Alan King Memorial ( Dunedin). The South Island did have 4 because they had the Mosgiel 5000 up until this year.
The NZDC is contemplating replacing it with another in the South Island at Canterbury. Meaning Christchurch may have two.
Of course the National tournaments alternate between the South and North Island each year.
If tournaments were allocated on a population basis then things are heavily skewed in favour of the players of the South Island. 76 out of 100 New Zealanders live in the North Island. This statistic from NZ Statistics. I do not have the NZDC membership lists but I would presume that 76% of dart players in NZ live in the North Island. If tournaments were allocated on a population basis the Nationals would be in the North island 3 out of 4 years and we would have more than one ranking tournament North of Hasting. Tournament allocation seems to be up side down.
There is a solution which would allow the South Island to have as many as it wants. I would suggest the NZDC encourage as many tournaments as possible. Open it up to anyone who wants to run one. Charge a licensing fee. It becomes another revenue stream for the NZDC. Make each tournaments prize money the same and to the same format. The market would rule then. Associations that could make tournaments economically viable would succeed and those unable would let their tournaments go. To me this is fairer than the system than exists now.
I pretty sure the people running the Taranaki Open wanted NZDC points at one stage and were turned down. In Auckland we have 1.5 million people and could run another 1 or 2 and make them work.
This is my personal opinion so if you do or do not agree feel free to post a comment.

Friday, March 9, 2012

West City Club Night 8/3/12

Monty Tuhua defeated Mike Day in the final of the West City Darts Association club night singles. Third equal were Mike Radford and Dean Faithful. 180's were scored by Monty Tuhua(3), Mike Day (2), Peter Page (1) and Stephen Hanley (1). 100 plus finishes were Stephen Hanley 102 and Dave Owen 118. There were 30 players and 18 qualifiers. Games are held at the club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui every Thursday night from 7.00 pm. All players are welcome to play.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

DPNZ Ranking Lists

The latest DPNZ ranking lists are available on Big Ken's site . In the top four NZ players from Auckland are Richard Te Whero, Monty Tuhua and Rogere TeWhero. The top 4 ladies and men at the end of the Nationals get selected to play in Australia versus NZ test match at the Festival of Darts being played on the Gold Coast. Good luck to those players.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fit Flights

Recently I was sent some free Fit Flight samples from Cosmo Darts in Japan. This was courtesy of Mike Radford of West City Darts Association who established a contact there. Many thanks Mike.
What is unique about the flight stem system is that the flight has a hollow point where the stem slides in and is held in place by friction. I have been using the flights for more than a month and not one flight has come off. There are no rings so you do not get a dart caught in the ring on the second or third throw.
Another unique feature is the flight is one piece of moulded plastic and does not fold up. It keeps its shape better and I have found them very durable. I am still using the same flights I got 4 weeks ago. The stems last a long time because the end is not exposed to be hit by the second or third dart. The end is inside the hollow of the flight.
In the picture the top two darts have a conventional kite with the 4 fins. The bottom flight is a delta model with three fins. I have tried throwing with the delta but found them a little unstable and less forgiving than the normal 4 fin type. Their advantage is less flight for the second or third dart to deflect off. Probably with perseverance you could develop your throw to make them fly better. I just found if you were a little off in your technique they tended to hit the board a bit sideways. They also seemed to fly higher and land higher in the board than with 4 fins on the flight. Why that was I do not know. Maybe it is less air resistance.
They also have a stem and flight that spins. Peggy has been using that and found them quite good. They do not spin much if any in flight but when the second or third dart hits them they will move. So there is a little tension keeping them in place for the throw.
Overall I would highly recommend the Fit Flight system. They are a lot easier to assemble if your eyes are not good as the flight just slides on the end of the stem. There are less parts and they are more durable. These are the wave of the future. I can see the normal flight going the way of the feather flights. They are a little more expensive but you will not be purchasing as many.
Where do you buy them ? Andre Albertyn of the Weymouth Cossie Club Ph 0224151617 is the NZ distributor if you wish to order some. Target darts have a similar system but have a punched hole in the flight and a plastic/rubber ring. Those are good flights also but I rate the Cosmos Fit Flight system better as they have no ring and your second or third dart cannot get hooked up.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Clubs NZ North Island Tournament 2012 Results

Results for the Clubs NZ North Island Tournament for 2012 are available at