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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Super Series Of Darts 2012

  1. Opening Prize Pool $500. This is added to with entry money as series progresses.

  2. Entry. $5 per event. Paid on the night. Open to all players.

  3. Cash prizes and certificate for number 1, 2 and 3 ranked male, for number 1, 2 and 3 ranked female, most 180's male, most 180's female, most 100+ finishes male, most 100+ finishes female. All prizes handed out on the final night.

  4. NZDC straight start 501 rules.

  5. Card system, 3 wins to qualify from 5 games, best of three. Thereafter straight knockout. The knockout format is best of 5 and final best of 7. Organisers can reduce this to best of three in knockout and best of five in final if large numbers of players and limited time.

  6. Winner 12 points, runner up 8 points, third equal 6 points, 5th equal 4 points, 9th equal 2 points, 17th equal 1 point.

  7. If no women secure a point the women who progressed the furthest with wins on a card or knockout stage get one point.

  8. All prize money and certificates presented on final night 22/11/12.

  9. Any other club who wish to buy a night may do so at a cost of $100. $50 to the prize pool and $50 to West City for admin costs. A club purchasing an event can pick the month as long as it is not February or November and is long as it is not held on a Thursday night. Apply to Peter Page at Ph 09 985 9228 or 09 815 2562.

  10. Event dates: 23/2/12, 22/3/12, 19/4/12, 24/5/12, 24/6/12, 19/7/12, 23/8/12, 20/9/12, 25/10/12, 22/11/12.

  11. Some dates and the venue may change if other clubs purchase event.

  12. Venue: West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. Check in by 7.15 pm.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ham and Chicken Mixed Pairs Fundraiser 4/12/11

Sunday, November 27, 2011

T J wins Ladies Champ of Champs Singles

Tauturu John of ADA defeated Hun TePaki of ADA in the final of the ladies Champ of Champs held at the Otahuhu Working Mens club, Otahuhu yesterday afternoon. 180's were scored by Peggy Wikaira, Nga Smyth, Maria Johnson and Paeru Ngatuakana. The highest finish was May Houkamu with 95.
On Saturday the pairs were won by Maria Siavali and Hun Te Paki. Runners up were Malia Ioane and Rachel Phillips of CMDL.

City Of Sails 9 West City 5

The City of Sails defeated West City Darts Association 9 to 5 earlier today in a Renee Stacey Shield Challenge held at West City Darts association club rooms. It was 1 all after the 4's. Then 4 to 2 in favour of West City after the pairs. Then City of Sails won 7 of the 8 singles. It was not because they played that well it was that West City played so badly with the exception of West City's Ron Glavish and Blair Neverman.
Nine players had 100+ starts with Steve Hanley having the most with 2. There were three 100+ finishes. Wilson Henry 107, Leo Cantell 120 and Monty Tuhua 107. Monty did it an unusual way first hitting bull, then 17 and double tops.
180's were scored by Ron Glavish, Steve Goldsmith and Leo Cantell. Wilson Henry scored a 177.
The next challenge for City of Sails will be Counties-Manukau in February.
West City were Monty Tuhua, Wilson Henry, Ron Glavish, Steve Hanley, Brevis Herbert, Blair Neverman, Dean Webster and Marc Skinns. City of Sails were Brendon Deed, Nic Jatlov, Gary Whyte, Terry Constable, Steve Goldsmith, Steve Yost, Lou Underwood and Leo Cantell. Players of the day were Blair Neverman and Terry Constable.
Brendon Deed, one of the better dart players in the Auckland area offers the following dart tip " Learn to cope with nerves in games by playing sober and not by drinking. Because the game is hand and eye coordination if you can do that you will have the secret to good play". Brendon tells me whilst playing he may only have one bottle of beer and waits to the games are finished before drinking more. I asked him how long it had taken him to learn this. His reply " 30 years".

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Results West City Darts association Club Pairs

Last night the West City Darts association men's and ladies pairs were played at the club rooms in 103 Glen Road, Ranui. The men's pairs were won by Tony Lee and Wilson Henry who defeated Dean Webster and Hemi Johnson in the final. Third equal were Dion Toki with Mike Radford and Steve Hanley with Pat O'Connell. The ladies final was won by Peggy Wikaira and Colleen Cureen who defeated Kristal McDermott and Amber Neverman in their final.

Willie and Rina win Ham Tournament

Willie Te Rore and Rina Cody won the Thursday night West City Darts association drawn pairs ham tournament defeating Tuli Tauetau and Loretta Hunter in the final. Third equal were Casey Mathews with Jo Kinita and Peter Page with Kristal McDermott. There were 17 teams entered and 8 qualifiers. 180's were scored by Geoff Koster, Jimmy Hennah, Dean Webster and Peter Page. The highest score was John Amosa with 174.
Ham tournaments are being held every Thursday till Christmas at the West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. All players are welcome. Entry is $5.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NZ Maori Tournament 2012. NZ Junior/Youth Tournament 2013

The NZDC have given the hosting rights of the NZ Maori Tournament in 2012 to the West City Darts association and have given the 2013 NZ Junior and Youth tournament to West City Darts association. Peter Page, West City Treasurer, stated " We are rapt to be given both tournaments and are looking forward to making them memorable events for all the players".

Monday, November 21, 2011

Taranaki Open Easter 2012

Rayleen Mercer Memorial Pairs, Runanga WMC, 21/1/12

Early Results From Levin Open

Rob Szabo and Jonathon Silcock defeated Koha Kokiri and Joe Te Marama 4 to 3 in the final of the Levin men's pairs held on Saturday at the Levin Cosmopolitan Club. Third equal were Mike Day and Craig Caldwell, Peter Hunt and Bill Fergus.
In the ladies final Peggy Wikaira and Helen Makiha defeated Anna Neho and Dawn Unuka 4 to 2.
I was on the way home before the final of the singles. A friend text that Peter Hunt had defeated Rob Szabo in the men's singles final and that Janette Jonathan defeated Michelle McKee in the ladies final.
Jannette Jonathan would have finished as the number 1 NZ lady player of the year and Jonathan Silcock would have finished as the number 1 NZ male player of the year.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Snippets Of Information

1. West City Darts association are holding their AGM at 12 noon on Sunday 18th December at the West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. The AGM will be followed by prize giving, members only ham tournament and barbecue.
2. The men's champ of champs is being held on Saturday 3rd December. No poster or confirmation of times or venue has arrived yet.
3. I heard a whisper that the Sherlock Enua Memorial mixed pairs is being held at Nikau this Sunday. Again I have seen no poster so cannot confirm it. This is a cash tournament so if you are interested you need to talk to Girl Kahaki to find out what is happening.
4. On the 28th January there is to be a DPNZ( Dart Players New Zealand) /DPA (Dart Players Australia) singles tournament being held at the Papakura club in Auckland. Normally DPA tournaments offer approx $2500 in prize money and are straight start. The DPNZ ones normally offer about $500 prize money and are double start so it will be interesting to see what they do. More than likely the prize money will be $500 total which I cannot see being attactive to any Australian player looking at travelling. Similar tournaments are to take place at three other venues in NZ later in the year. I would prefer the straight start and more prize money approach as it encourages players to travel. If they are playing well they can cover their expenses. At the moment with $150 first prize for most DPNZ events the better players might not even cover the air ticket or petrol money if they win. If and when a poster comes I will publish it on this blog.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Preview Levin Open

The Levin Open is being held this Sunday at the Levin Cosmopolitan Club in Levin. This is the last NZDC tournament of the year. Last years winner was Koha Kokiri in the men's and in the ladies it was Lorene Earnshaw.

It being the last tournament of the year there will be a bit of competition to see who holds the number 1, number 2 and number 3 rankings for the men's and ladies for the NZDC 2011 season. In the men's competition no one can beat Jonathan Silcock for the top spot no matter what the result. The competition for the second and third spot is more intense with players all the way down the list to number 7 Mike Day and number 9 Warren Parry having a chance to pick up one of the spots depending on results. I know Mike Day will be there but it would be a big surprise to see Warren Parry there as he does not travel much out of the South Island for NZDC tournaments.

In the ladies the competition is between Lorene Earnshaw, Janette Jonathan and Peggy Wikaira. No matter what the results those three ladies are the only ones who can have enough points to be 1, 2 or 3. Mihi Pike is the next closest but even if she won the tournament she can only make 4th.

Players who achieve a 1, 2 or three spot will get from the NZDC a certificate of achievement and a cash payment.

I will be there this weekend along with other players from the Auckland area. I will give an update of results when I get back. We are travelling down Friday and back Sunday night. I will post results on this blog Monday morning unless the NZDC beat me to it. Most of the time I can get the results out there a little faster.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ladies Champ Of Champs 26 to 27 November

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Counties 25 West City 25

Earlier today Counties Manukau Darts association drew with West City Darts association 25 all at the Bellbird Tavern, Manuwera in a NZDC North Island Shield Match. After the pairs it was 18 to 14 to Counties. In the singles West City fought back to make it 24 all.

This lead to two team games of 1001. It was Counties top 8 against West City's top 8 in one game and Counties lower 8 against West City's lower 8 in the other game. If Counties won one game that was enough to make a draw and retain the shield. If West City could win both games that was enough for a win and to take the shield.

In the top eight just as West City hit double 4 with the third dart to win Counties Rod Penney hit triple 1 and double one win to secure the draw in the lower 8.

A tremendous rivalry and spirit exist in both teams and all games were played in the best spirit. Counties Manukau keep the shield. This was the only challenge of the year. None have been lodged for 2012 yet but West City is sure to do so.

Counties were Cody Harris, Sonny Harris, John Sinclair, Tere Tou, Sam Bryant, Toko Hazel, Barry Kapa, Sonny Matekurae, Warren Nicholson, Willie Hopokingi, Tom Williams, Frank Speight, Andre Albertyn, Rod Penney, Jason George and Dean Cameron. West City were Wilson Henry, Tony Lee, Monty Tuhua, Mike Day, Peter Page, Geoff Koster, Ron Glavish, Steve Hanley, Marc Skinns, Stephen Holt, Brevis Herbert, Gordon Comrie, Gary Whyte, Dean Webster, Jimmy Hennah and Blair Neverman.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gary and Kristal Win West City Club Singles

Gary Whyte won the West City Darts Association men's singles last night defeating the 2010 holder Monty Tuhua in the final 2 to 0. Third equal were Peter Page and Steve Hanley, 5th equal were Deon Toki, Geoff Koster, Mike Day and Dean Webster. 180's were scored by Geoff Koster, Jimmy Hennah and Deon Toki. The best leg thrown was Mike Day with a 13 darter.
In the ladies final Kristal McDermott defeated Peggy Wikaira 2 to 1. Third equal were Jenny Heavey and Colleen Curreen.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Ron and Emma Win Ham night

Ron Glavish and Emma Heavey defeated Stephen Hanley and Rob Scott in the final of the ham tournament played at West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui last night. There were 30 players entered. 180's were scored by Steve Hanley(3), Monty Tuhua (2), Bailey Mathews, Dean Webster and Tuli. The highest finish was Geoff Koster 156. There is a ham tournament every Thursday 7.15 pm check in till Christmas. All players are welcome. They are open events.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mal and Colleen win Ham Drawn Pairs

Mal Berry and Colleen Curreen won the drawn ham and chicken pairs played at the Royal George dart club situated at the Avondale race course last night by defeating Pokotea Munakoa and Casey Mathews in the final. There were 15 pairs entered. 180's were scored by Paul Voldenberg, Bailey Mathews, Bevin De Wit and Dean Webster. The highest ladies finish was Maria Siavale with 92 and the highest men's finish was 104 from Bevin De Wit.
This tournament was a fundraiser for the region 2 junior and youth squad to travel to Dunedin next year for the National championships. $200 was raised for this worth cause. Many thanks to the organisers Lou Williams, Raewyn Heavey and Girl Kahaki. In the photo Dave Curreen warms up.

Weymouth Ham Tournaments

Levin Open 19 and 20 November 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dave, Hemi and Lou Win Ham Drawn Threes

Dave Ellis, Hemi Johnson and Lou Williams defeated Derek Makutu, Mark Whitehouse and Emma Heavey in the final of the Corban Cup/ Western District league drawn threes ham tournament held at the Glen Eden RSA last night. There were 11 teams entered. A 180 was scored by Linda Tomkins and the highest score was 174 by Brian McLuckie.
Tonight there is an open ham tournament drawn pairs at the Royal George club rooms at the Avondale race course to raise money for the Auckland Junior Youths to go to the NZDC nationals next year. Check in by 7.15 pm. All players and supporters welcome.
The photo shows Hemi waiting to throw.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Challenge Dates

The next Renee Stacey Shield challenge is against City of Sails on Sunday, 27 November 2011, at 2 pm at West City Darts Association club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui. All spectators and supporters welcome. The last time West City held the shield they did lose it to the City of Sails who had never previously held it. After this challenge there are no more until February when it it is Counties Manukau Darts Associations turn.

The Manurewa RSA have lost the Theo Meyer trophy to the Mt Wellington RSA.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mal and Bill Win RSA Ham Drawn Pairs

Mal Berry and Bill Perry won the Auckland District RSA Ham drawn pairs held at New Lynn RSA this afternoon defeating Tom Williams and Jenny Heavey in the final 2 to 1. Mal and Bill won the first leg with not much effort. In the second leg Tom stole it finishing on 92. In the third leg Mal and Bill threw an 18 darter with Bill hitting 180 and Mal finishing on 35.
Third equal were Peter Page and Vaine Blackie, Tony Fromont and Loretta Hunter.
The highest start was Tom Williams with 160. The highest finish was Tama Kiliyu with 150. Loretta had the highest ladies finish with 96.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Early Report NZDC Maori Tournament

Koha Kokiri has defeated Monty Tuhua in the final of the NZDC Maori men's singles held at Wainuiomata earlier today.
Rachael Padget defeated Meta Reid in the ladies singles.
Unusually there were more ladies entered in the days competitions than men.
The ladies pairs played on Sunday were won by Rachael Padget and Verna Leigh. Runners up were Anna Neho and Rogere Te Whero. Sonny and Cody Harris won the men's pairs.

ADA Champ Of Champs Sunday 20/11/11

ADA Open Pairs Sunday 13 November 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

Coming Events Early November

Sunday 6 November Auckland District RSA Ham Tournament at New Lynn RSA 1.30 pm check in. RSA members only.

Tuesday 8 November Corban Cup and Western Districts ham tournament Glen Eden RSA 7 pm. League players only.

Wednesday 9 November Royal George, Avondale Racecourse, ham tournament 7.20 check in open.

Thursday 10 November West City ham tournaments open. 7.00 pm check in.

Friday 11 November West City club singles. Closed. 7.15 pm check in.

Sunday 13 November. North Island Shield Challenge. West City versus Counties Manukau at the Bellbird Tavern 2 pm

Sunday 13 November. ADA open pairs Cosmos dart club 12.00 pm.

West City ham Night 3/11/11

Jason Amos and Colleen Curren won the drawn pairs ham night defeating Dean Webster and Paul Udenburg in the final at West City Club rooms, 103 Glen Road, Ranui yesterday evening. There were 30 players entered, 8 teams qualified. 180's were scored by Marc Skinns, Bailey Mathews and Dean Webster.

There are ham tournaments every Thursday from now to Christmas at West City. All players are welcome. $5 entry. 7.15 pm check in.

Below Bailey Mathews warms up.

Ham and Chicken Open Wednesday 9/11/11

The Royal George Dart Club situated at the Avondale racecourse are hosting an Open Ham and Chicken drawn Pairs tournament for the Central Auckland Dart League with 7.20 pm check in this coming Wednesday, 9th November 2011. Entry is $5 per player. Lou Williams, President, states " All profits are being donated to the Auckland Junior and Youth teams for 2012 and the Auckland Under 24 players for 2012. All players are welcome. If you are a parent, guardian, sponsor or just want to have a fun night please come along and help us raise some money for our kids".

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Cost Of Darts Exhibitions

Recently a friend of mine and I thought it mind be a good idea to get a dart professional from the UK to come to New Zealand and do some dart exhibitions. We send an e-mail to the Manager of Gary Anderson who is the current World number 4. We asked what it would cost. To get Gary and his manager to New Zealand was going to cost the price of two return airfares to the UK and 2500 pound( $5000 NZ) for each exhibition he did here. There had to be a minimum of 4 exhibitions which meant the total cost with airfares and accommodation was going to be around the $30,000 NZ mark. Of course if you are going to be a darts promoter you want to make a profit so in effect you need to make $35,000 NZ to make it worth while. You need a decent reward if you are going to commit to that level of risk. This would mean having to sell 1200 tickets at say $25 each to break even. Which is 300 people per exhibition at $25 a pop before you made a profit. Needless to say once we crunched the numbers we gave up on the idea. The cost was too prohibitive for a small market like NZ. The only way we will see the likes of Gary here will be if we had a PDC tournament with a good sum of money to be won or a dart manufacturer sponsored a visit to NZ as part of maybe a world tour. Till then we will be only able to see the professionals on TV. Below is a paragraph from an opinion piece I spotted on the dart site Dart, Beers and Cheers that echos our experience trying to get an exhibition.

" Some players can make a fair few quid doing exhibitions - although there are discussions now between fans and those who organise exhibitions; are players starting to price themselves out of the market? I know that(very roughly) Phil Taylor can charge 5000 pound an event (plus VAT at 20%), and other top pro's are now charging 2000 pound plus. So that is a nice fee for a night's work if you can get it, but how long can the darts scene support that sort of charge? If an organiser/venue gets a couple of players for 4000 pound, they've got to sell a lot of 10 pound tickets to break even! So they have to charge 20 pound plus and that is not far from going to a PDC tournament. It is a different feel, but it is getting that un-official events in pubs are more expensive than a night at the premier league. It will be interesting to see how that goes!"

Baz Wins Singles

Barry Kapa defeated John Sinclair in the final of the Auckland Chartered Club Wednesday night singles 3 to 2 last night at the Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club, Manurewa. John won the first leg in 16 darts. Barry came back and won the next leg in 21 darts after starting with 160. In the third leg John took it in 20 darts. Barry then hit a 24 darter to tie the match 2 all. In the deciding leg neither player was able to start with his first three darts. Barry then took off starting on 80, following it with 180, then 140 and finishing in 17 darts. It would have been a 14 darter if he had started straight away.
Third Equal were Neil Francis and Stu Cobbald. 20 players were entered. That marked the end of the season but for prize giving in early December.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

West City Summer League

The West City Darts Association is going to run a 10 week summer league from January to March 2012. It will be limited to 10 teams of 4 with as many reserves as you want. The cost to enter will be $100 per team. It will be a straight start NZDC rules league.

Jenny Heavey, West City Committee member states ' The idea is to provide some social darts on a Friday night prior to the main season beginning for any West City members who want to play and any non members. The league will finish before the West Auckland Friday league starts at the beginning of April. All the entry money of $1000 will be paid out as prize money.'

There are limited spots so if you want to enter a team give the details to Stephen Holt, Club Captain or Raewyn Heavey Club President before Christmas.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Results Henry Tekana Senior Mixed Pairs Memorial Sunday 22 October

Venue: Jokers Bar, Manurewa

Winner: Cody Harris and Maria Siavale

Runner up: Richard and Rogere Te Whero

Third Equal: Vaine Blackie and Henry Ford.

Third Equal: Hun TePaki and Tukino Weko.

1st 180 women: Sandra Melgers.

2nd 180 women: Maria Siavale.

1st 180 men Sam Bryant.

2nd 180 Cody Harris.

Highest Finish women: 140 Vaine Blackie.

Highest Finish men: Richard Shetlock 160.

26 teams entered.