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Monday, June 27, 2011

Renee Stacey Challenge Result from Sunday

Auckland District RSA's defeated Auckland Cook Island Darts Association 11 to 3 on Sunday in a Renne Stacey shield challenge. No other details available.

Report Raewyn Heavey.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Monty Wins Club Night 23/6/11

Monty Tuhua won the West City Darts Association club night singles defeating Marc Skinns in the final. There were 30 entries. Third equal were Charlotte Holloway and Casey Mathews. 180's were scored by Deon Toki (2), Dave Cureen, Bailey Mathews and Marc Skinns. The highest score was Jimbo Saddlier with 174. Highest finishes were Mark Skinns 100, Casey Mathews 108, Geoff Koster 110, Jimbo Saddlier 114, 128 and Pat O'Connell 167.

All members and non members are welcome to play every Thursday from 7 pm at the West City Darts Association club rooms, Glen Road, Ranui.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Holt Memorial Drawn Mixed Pairs 16th June 2011

Mark Skinns and Mere Holloway won the Holt memorial mixed pairs last Thursday evening at the West City Darts Association clubrooms in Ranui. They defeated Stephen Holt and Gail Olliver in the final 2 to 1. Third equal were Dean Webster and Emma Heavey, Pat O'Connell and Dara Joseph. 180's were scored by Monty Tuhua and Jimmy Hennah.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tauranga Mid Winter Ham Tournament 18/6/11

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Holt Rose Bowl

The Holt Rose Bowl is to be played for this Thursday evening at the West City Darts Association club rooms. The rose bowl has been played for annually at the club since 1977 and is a drawn mixed pairs for members only. Alongside this competition another will be held for non-members who attend. The Holt Rose Bowl is in memory of current member Steve Holt's grandfather who was a founder member of West City. There have been some prestigious winners of the trophy over the years. Bill Rose has his name on it it. Bill was a NZ singles winner in 1974. Lilian Bird was another winner. She won the NZ singles title in 1977 and 1984. She also was the only New Zealander to ever win a Winmau World Masters title. Which she did in 1985 under her married name Lilian Barnett. Steve Holt managed to win the rosebowl one year as did his father Dave Holt another year.

Each member intending to play must bring a mixed pairs partner. Before the competition starts the pairs are redrawn so you do not play with who you accompanied. There will also be a competion for non-members and those members unable to bring a mixed pairs partner.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tony and Maria Win Val Amoretti Drawn Pairs

Tony Lee and Maria Siavale defeated Richard Te Whero and Emma Heavey in the final of the Val Amoretti Drawn Pairs held at the Royal George club rooms in Avondale yesterday. The highest men's start was Richart Te Whero with 160. The Highest Ladies start was Lou Williams with 114. The highest score was Tony Lee with 165 and Emma Heavey 121. Highest finish was Casey Mathews 102 and Girl Kahaki 90. 180's were scored by Tony Lee and Geoff Koster.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jack Smith 4's 19/6/11

Friday, June 10, 2011

Val Amoretti Drawn Pairs 11/6/11

West City Club Night 9/6/11

There were 34 players at club night and 16 qualifiers. Singles were played. Ron Glavish beat Monty Tuhua in the final. 3rd equal were Tony Lee and Steve Hanley. 180's were scored by Monty Tuhua (5), Mike Day (2), Wilson Henry (2), Calio Henry (2), Ken Moir (1), Hemmi Johnson(1), Tony Lee (1). The best leg was 12 darts by Dean Webster. Highest finishes were Dean Webster 117, 140, Ron Glavish 120 and Mike Radford 100.
Club night is held every Thursday from 7 pm at the West City Darts association club rooms in Glen Road Ranui. All dart players are welcome to come and play whether members or not.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Region 2 Mixed Pairs 7 June 2011

Ray Tonga and Stormy Tawhara-Chung defeated Steve Hanley and Jo Kinita in a Region 2 mixed pairs final held at the West City Darts Association club rooms in Glen Road Ranui. The event was held as a fundraiser for the Region 2 Junior/Youth team to cover travelling and accommodation expenses for the National tournament in Masterton later this year. $850 was raised with entries, raffles and food. There were 33 entries. Third equal were John Tran and Rita Wells, Terry Constable and Trish Collins. The first 180 was scored by 11 year old Joshua Penney. Others were scored by Ray Tonga, Lloyd Tomkins and Desmond Oltaches.

Victory Results

SINGLES: Winner Richard Te Whero, runner up Brendan Deed. Consolation winner Tumoe Tai. Runner up Herbie Rollo.

PAIRS: Winner Ken Moir and Greg West. Runner up Mike Blaikie and John Algar. Consolation winner Jo Kinita and Rita Wells. Runner up Tarina Lord and Nick Jatlov.

FOURS: Brendan Deed, Jeff Harold, Lloyd Tomkin, Carlos McKinlay. Runner up Mike Collett, Tere Tou, Gary Ngatai and George Gardiner. Consolation winner Anna Armitage, Deano Pulkowski, Peter Rudolph and Tania Depree. Runner up PJ Morrell, Moana Matanga, Steve Shano and Muriel.

FURTHEREST LADY: Anna Neho and Vaine Tuatara

FURTHEREST LADY PAIRS: Vaine Tuatara and Sandra Melgers

FURTHEREST LADY FOURS: Rogere Te Whero, Faye Shearsby, Sandra Mathews and Alice White.

FIRST 180: Rex Harper.

FIRST Lady 180: Gail Taylor.

FIRST 170 start: Lou Tai.

170 FINISH: Tumoe Tai.

FIRST 171: Rina Coady.

HIGHEST START: Taffy Pugh 170

HIGHEST LADIES START: Trish Collins 156.

HIGHEST FINISH: Tumoe Tai 170.


MOST 180's: Mike Collett x 3

Monday, June 6, 2011

Early Results Canterbury Open

Saturday Mixed Pairs Winners Peggy Wikaira and Steve Padget.

Sunday men's Singles winner Jonathon Silcock. Runner up Mike Day.

Ladies winner Mihi Pike, Runner up Jane Harrington.

Monday men's Pairs. Jason Ladbrook and Gordon Allpress.

Ladies Pairs Lorene Earnshaw and Peggy Wikaira.

An amusing sight was seen at the venue on Monday morning about 9 am when there was a level 5 earthquake causing the building to shake considerably. Two Auckland players Lorene Earnshaw and Wilson Henry having not experienced such a thing ran from the building. The Cantabrians were non -plussed. Wilson Henry said "They don't have things like this up North."

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mixed Pairs 6/6/11

West City Club Night 2/6/11

Twenty six players turned up to play singles. 14 qualified. Ken Moir defeated Tony Lee in the final 2 to 1. Tony started the final with a 13 darter. Ken came back with a 14 darter. Tony threw first in the deciding leg but it was Ken who won with a final leg of 19 darts. Best leg of the evening was Tony lee with a ten darter. 180's were scored by Ken Moir (5), Tony Lee (3), Monty Tuhua (1) and Dean Webster (1). High finishers were Ken Moir 118, Tony Lee 116 and Dion with 138.

Club night is held every Thursday from 7 pm. Non-members are welcome to play. West City clubrooms are at 103 Glen Road, Ranui. Tony lee is pictured.

Auckland RSA's 8 Hamilton 6

This Sunday just gone Auckland District RSA's played the Hamilton Darts Association in a Renee Stacey Shield Challenge at the Glen Eden RSA and won 8 to 6. It was three all after the fours and pairs. It was the singles which were the difference. The teams were Trevor McFarlane, Brian Oliver, Warren Nicholson, Tom Williams, Mal Berry, Rob Harter, Frank Speight and Greg West for Auckland. Ian Watson, John Dodunski, Sam Tamihana, Llloyd Tuck, Shaun Duval, Julian Hughes, Des Tyler and Ron Wynd for Hamilton. Trevor McFarlane in centre picture.