Saturday, June 6, 2015

West City Dart Rivalries...

Some sports rivalries are so intense that when the two opponents meet the very clash itself transcends the bigger title that both maybe involved in - All Blacks V Springbox, Manchester United v Liverpool, Tiger Woods v Phil Mickelson, Muhammed Ali v Joe Frazier. At West City there is a year long fight for the top spot in the club based on the weekly club night results but aside from that there is one particular rivalry that is starting to be keenly anticipated for the next time they meet... and that clash is "Dangerous" David Day v Mike "Rocky" Radford (yours truly).

We have clashed once so far this year and "Dangerous" well and truly played me off the board. 1-0 to Dave. This week we met for the second time in the group stage of the club night singles (top 3 qualify for the knockout rounds). Also in the "Group of Death" were Mike "Super" Day (Dave's Old Man), "One 180" Maddy, Colleen "Killer" Curreen and "VaVaVoom" Veta plus David and myself. Second game up was me and David. This would set the tone for the night, lose this and you would have to fight hard in the rest of your games just to qualify.

After weeks of trash talk between us it was bully up time, GAME ON ! This clash of titans got to both of us though, 41s, 22s, 45s all over the place. My stomach was churning. Was it Dave getting to me or the dodgy takeaway vindaloo I had for dinner??? Dave was struggling just as much as me and his but cheeks must have been like a vice grip, tight enough to use to pull the points out of my darts except I'd changed them already during the week. When we got to a double Dave couldn't hit jack and I left myself on 15 only to hit the double 19 when going for a single 7 not once but twice. I was nervous for sure. Was Dave? I looked over. His beer belly was shaking like a fresh trifle jelly. He was just as nervous... for sure. It spurred me on and I finally nailed double 4. 1 leg to 0 me.

Leg 2: More 41s and 45s and the occasional 81, this was "power" scoring ! We finally get to a double. Dave's on double 1 I'm on 5 and I can't hit a single 1 to leave myself double 2! I can't let Dave back into the game. I can't let this go to 3 legs, I'm a bag of nerves. I have to steel myself mentally before Dave checks out. All of a sudden it comes to me... why Dave can't focus ! He can't check out because everytime he thinks of a 'double' he is picturing one of the new big fat juicy KFC 'Double' Downs (you gotta try one!) not a dart board 'double'. He's all over the place... he's a mental mess. Bamm, I'm focused, double 2 bingo ! I win 2 legs to nil, 2-0, 2-zip, 2-nada, 2-zero, 2-jack !!!

David "Double Down" Day is gracious in defeat. We shake hands and he smiles... or is the smile actually the missing piece of lettuce from his pre-game protein meal of Cheeseburger and Chips still stuck in his beard ? Whatever. It was an intense game and why we keep coming down to West City Darts every week. We both can't wait for the next time we are drawn together. Its 1-1 for the year so the next clash will be epic. The legend of this rivalry is growing... at least in our own minds !


  1. This is sooooooooooooo funny - Classic!!!!!

  2. this is why you need to be doing the write ups each week Mike funny as mate

  3. brilliant mike have to keep writing mate