Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dart Rivalries Day v Radford - Match III

You may have heard of the famous Mohammad Ali v George Foreman boxing match billed as the "Rumble in the Jungle", well Day v Radford III was billed as the "Rumble and the Bungle" - and it lived up to that billing! Thursday Club Night Singles saw me and Dave drawn together in the group qualifiers again. With this years progressive score at one game each this third meeting had come around quick and would give one of us bragging rights for at least a few weeks. The first leg was pretty one sided with Dave having a bounce out just about every third dart. Was he showing off trying to beat me with 2 darts every throw instead of 3? I raced down to a double and he was still well away but he had so many of his fancy flighted darts hit the floor it was like the oche was covered in confetti --- was I playing Dave at darts or was I best man at his wedding??? I was confused. I couldn't hit double 5 ! Bingo Dave's tactics had worked, he checked out. Dave 1 leg to nil.

The second leg was much the same. I was racing ahead. Dave steps up. Treble 20, 1, treble 20... hold on - your kidding. The third dart knocks out the first and instead of 121 Dave has scored 1 ! I start to experience a feeling I had never had on the oche before. I was about to wet myself... laughing ! I could feel an on-set of the giggles starting. "Hold it in Rocky". I wasn't going to let this bounce out tactic work for a second leg. I gathered my focus. Job done. 1 leg all.

It was fitting that the game was going to a deciding leg. But Dave shot out of the blocks with some power scoring, hitting some good trebles. He was looking the part... apart from his shirt that is, an old Auckland Blues rugby shirt. It was tighter than the decision between Kirwin and Umanga on who would be the new Blues coach (pardon me I had to laugh at that myself). I  started to look for signs that he may be cracking just like in game two a couple of weeks back. But no. There was no sign of his "beer belly shaking like a fresh trifle jelly" this time. In that tight shirt his belly had nowhere to go. It was then that I realised that this was his master tactic for the third leg. That shirt was creating the extra pressure on me that was proving the difference. I couldn't focus 100%. His shirt was mesmerising. It was soooooooooo tight that when I was stood behind him on the oche I could could see the outline of the hairs on his back... but no matter. He kept out-scoring me as well. He got down to a double and then faultered. I got to a double. It was a war of attrition... and then NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!! He hit his double. Dave was the winner 2-1. Well done Dave.

However both of us failed to qualify for the knockout rounds. I think we may be putting too much emphasis on this one game. It has become our final. Was it time to put this rivalry to bed? The winner was supposed to do this post, but I beat Dave to it (I have to beat him at something !). Day v Radford IV is surely just around the corner. Do you want to hear more next time? I doubt Dave wants me to write it up again...


  1. lol very good mike, i had the pleasure or not of chalking this game and agree with your story

  2. Cheers... ears. Dave could be after me if he has seen this, and I don't mean on the dart board !