Friday, May 8, 2015

Dave Curreen takes out latest Club night singles event, 7/5/15

Dave Curreen has defeated Ken Moir in the final of the latest club-night singles.
41 players entered and 24 advanced to the knockout stages.
There were a number of very close games throughout the night especially the quarter-finals and semi-final games.

Along the way to the win Dave had to defeat Heemi Johnson, Gary Whyte, Mike Buttar and Ken Moir.

In the semi finals Ken Moir defeated Mike Day and Dave defeated Mike Buttar.


Ken Moir  x 3, Mike Day, Dave Curreen x 2, Jack Mitchell  x 3, Mike Mcleod, Joseph Gallina, Gary Whyte, Heemi Johnson  x 2, Mike Buttar  x 2, David Day,

High Finishes
Jim Hennah 102, Mike Day 105, Veta Arona 104, Heemi Johnson 106, Blair Nevernan 106


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