Friday, May 15, 2015

Club Night Results, Thursday 14/05/15

30 players entered last nights event. As a change we moved away from normal 501 games with the winner of the bull having the choice of playing Cricket, Killer or 501.
Surprisingly the majority of players chose 501.
In the games of Killer and Cricket there were a number of upsets which caused a bit of excitement.
One game of cricket saw one of our juniors, Bella England defeat one of West Citys top players Geoff Koster.
Bella restricted Geoff to just a couple of scoring turns hitting the bulls eye with ease. Well done Bella.
16 players qualified for the knockout stages.

Stacey Heavy, Nathan Holt, Steve Hanley, Frank Riddell

100+ Finishes
Steve McKinlay 100, Steve Hanley 112, Nathan Holt 118, Mike Day 115-125


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