Tuesday, August 12, 2014

SuperLeague Darts...?

Not 100% sure who the SuperLeague Darts is being run under but it looks like it is being privately run by 265 Events Ltd? There is money to be made on the back of the PDC/SKY TV popularity and maybe they are cashing in on it? There is no indication SuperLeague Darts is sanctioned by DPNZ or NZDC. If it isn't sanctioned by either, didn't DPNZ or NZDC see this coming? Are we witnessing a break-away from the established Darts organisations in NZ. Is this the berth of of a new PDC style organisation within NZ with players going off and being part of running their own events? I know DPNZ is aligned with the PDC and NZDC is aligned with the BDO but are they in both in danger of fighting over who runs amateur darts in NZ while somebody else gets the drop on running semi-professional darts in NZ? What was the criteria for the selected players in the SuperLeague Darts? Was it based on any rankings?

I am deliberately asking questions here because there will be some people in the know and a lot who aren't. Those who aren't in the know have got to be curious about what's taking place here... aren't you? Do you even know how darts is structured in NZ and what events are run by which organisation, DPNZ or NZDC or CNZDA? Maybe the overall picture is clear for some, but for me it all seems a bit cloudy...

By the way don't shoot me I'm only the piano player - I don't write the songs ;)


  1. Selection based on whomever they want in their league! I'd say they have got it prety right. Have expanded from lower north to upper North. Maybe next year may include south island if it keeps going. I hear there are 2 players from auckland (think everyone could guess those 2 )and 6 from the lower north who speak for themselves.
    Dont knock this get behind it.I have got my table already.

  2. As a player in this superleague, I can honestly say I have always looked at darts from within being a player. Since this has begun my percecption has changed and the majority of people that are going to watch these events are people that want to enjoy the atmosphere from what they see on telly...Shit our game has change....265 events. pretty clued up on the advertising side of it all..Dont think associations should feel threatened. this is just a different platform of the game and I for one am enjoying the new look that it is offering players.....11 out 10 for me

  3. SuperLeague Darts definately looks like it could be an expansion on what we have become used to, if it continues past this year. No reason why it shouldn't. I guess as a player if you are good enough anybody could be invited to play as you would be too hard to overlook.

    Mike Day and Cody Harris have now been announced as the Auckland players and those two have been just that, too hard to overlook after their performances at the NZDC Nationals this month