Sunday, August 3, 2014


I was just about to throw a dart on Thursday Night Club Singles when BOOM! I span around and there right behind me flat out on the floor was Pat O'Connell. Most everybody else was looking to see what had happened. Had he collapsed, had he feinted?

Pat let out a bit of a groan. I said "are you okay Pat?" as I bent down to give him a hand. Being the tuff old bugger that he is Pat quickly bounced back up to his feet not wanting anybody to make too much of a fuss. Thank goodness he had only tripped over somebody else's foot and gone spread eagled. But it was a dive that would have made even Arjen Robben of the Netherlands World Cup football team proud. Apart from a little bit of embarrassment "Pat O" was okay.

Pat is another of the club's volunteers behind the scenes being the 180 Controller. He meticulously keeps the 180 stats and organises the badges and everything else to do with the 180s. Pat is another person who does what he does because he loves darts, tries as hard as he can every time he plays and deserves recognition for what he does making Pat O'Connell this weeks 'Star Player of the Week'


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