Thursday, August 7, 2014

PDC style Darts is here in NZ...

Three cities, Three tournaments, Eight finely tuned athletes, Fifteen hundred fans ready to party, welcome to Super League Darts New Zealand...


  1. What a farce the superleague darts is. So far no top half of N I and no players from the S I. What a joke. Keep it Wellington and surrounding boys, eh

  2. Shows what you know. There are 2 aucklanders involved. I am a Non dart player and know this. I went to the first one in Wellington with friends and was so enthralled by that wellington event I want to go to all 3 this time. I heard this was a 1 website to follow for darts in NZ and strike negativity about this event. My friends and i now want to take darts up.

    1. Lets face it the majority of the best players in the country are in the Wellingtonand lower north area as much as it hurts me to say this. So not a farce in my book. I agree there are 2 aucks currently that would deserve a spot in that field.

  3. 265 events with there superleague offer something different. cater for a different audience...As a player I just want to play darts, I play Dpnz because of what it can offer at the end of it, I play council, I play charters.i also play superleague... for the first time there is more than one thing to play for ..we should embrace it good is our sport becoming, so many I am glad we have change and not stuck with the same old shit

  4. Agree that SuperLeague Darts is a brilliant new variation on what we have been used to and I think we should all embrace it !

    My only question is because it is being privately run and if it carries on with another hopefully bigger SuperLeague Darts series next year will it be a closed shop of players or will the best be invited... and if it is the best what crieria will be used to select the players?