Monday, July 28, 2014


Although 180s are a prestigious throw during a game they are reasonably common to see. The real holy grail in a game is a 9 darter which you might never see in person. Coming right after that is the holy grail of finishes, a 170. Although a 170 finish is far more common than a 9 darter they are still relatively rare to see in person.

Well the Star Player of the Week this week is Stephen "Cha Wee Wee" Holt who did hit a 170 finish in last Thursday's Club Night Singles. Stephen is with out a doubt one of the club stalwarts who does a lot of work behind the scenes and has done for years. People like Stephen deserve a big pat on the back along with a big 'thank you' because without people like him (and there are a few others) the club would just not function. And he does it all because he loves throwing arrows.

He is is a tough character to beat when he is on form so it wasn't a complete surprise when he told me he had hit a 170 finish. Stephen being who he is went on to say he had been playing "crap" even though he had hit the 170. I said "you didn't qualify then? (for the KO rounds)". He said "yes I qualified...". Maybe not playing so crap then Stephen ! ;)

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