Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Before the efforts of the West City Junior and Youth players at the NZDC National Championships I had already picked out this week's 'Star Player of the Week'. It is West City's Frank Riddell. Scotsman Frank originally played a lot of his darts in the UK but had given it away for several years before deciding to pick them up again just this year.

Last week, representing Swanson RSA, he won the City of Sails Singles beating Mike Moor in the final 3-0. City of Sails run their Singles on a handicap system and Frank due to only a limited number of appearances for Swanson and his subsequent average played the Singles off 451. It was a surprise to Frank who questioned being given a 50 point start but was told "them's the rules". So Frank took the points start and went on to win the whole event. Despite some "burglar" ribbing Frank would have deserved the win as winning any Singles event is no mean achievement.
Well done Frank !

Player of the Week to continue next week??? Stay Tuned !

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