Saturday, July 5, 2014


Every Thursday at the Club Night Singles there are aspiring players who hope to play their way into the final. One such player this week was David Day, one of Club Captain Mike Day's offspring. David would love to emulate the feats of his father on the dartboard and wears his heart on his sleeve when playing (just like his Dad). This week he was keen to tell me about his exploits into the quarter finals and how unlucky he was to go out at that stage, although the player who vanquished him in the quarters, Stephen Holt (2 x 180's on the night) was also keen to talk into my other ear about how hot he had been with the darts on the night as well ! Fair to say both had played well, had a good night and are part of what makes West City Darts a friendly place to throw your darts. So Star Player of the Week this week is David Day. Watch out this could be a regular feature... maybe.

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