Saturday, July 26, 2014

RESULTS - Club Night Singles Thursday 24th July

After a few weeks away Thursday's Club Night saw the return of both Mick Lacey and Mike Day. Absent was Monte Tuhua and Dion Toki out of what I see as the top 4 in the club. However there are some new challengers coming through for that top 4. One is Blair Neverman who although he went out in the semi-finals is very very consistent at the moment... and good. Another is finalist Frank Riddell who is proving hard to beat when on his game. Add to that young Jack Mitchell who is only getting better the more he plays and just maybe the top 4 might not be so clear cut by the end of the year. All that said it was yet another victory for Mick Lacey in the final. Mick is probably the hardest person to play on clubnights because of his consistent high scoring, and that is also borne out by how many finals he has won this year. Special mention also goes to Stephen 'Cha Wee Wee' Holt who hit a 170 finish. Another good turn out with 42 players on the night.

Mick Lacey x 3; Stephen Holt x 2; Charles Shiers x1; Mike Radford x1; Anthony Benitez x 1; Blair Neverman x 1.
High Finishes:
Dean Faithfull 100; Blair Neverman 101; David Day 114; Lou Williams 147; STEPHEN HOLT "170"

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  1. The quality was very high on Thursday good to see some players from outside the top eight in the club going to the last 16 and last 8