Friday, June 6, 2014

Product Evaluation - Rotating Dartboard Bracket

Until recently I never thought much about how the dart board hangs on the wall. My practice board has always just been a screw in the back of the board which I then hooked into a U shaped bracket screwed to the wall. Probably because of a bit of friction the board doesn't turn easily when using this method and being the lazy-ass I am, I tend not to rotate the board as often as I should to stop all the wear being in the one place around the treble 20, because I have to take the board off the wall to rotate it (way too much hassle !.. and honest, I do get pretty close to the T20 most times in practice). Well there is a little product around (for those of you that don't know) that utilises a round bracket that screws into the back of the board which then slots into a U shaped bracket. The board is easy to rotate without taking it off the wall and so... you get more life out of your board by evening out the wear. Now a lot of you may know about this already but I didn't until recently so I've blogged it for those who are like me :)
I believe you can get these from Manukau Dart Supplies in Lambie Drive, not sure where else, although some new boards may already come with these?


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