Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Poll just finished - Club Night 401 or 501?

These polls on the blog are very un-scientific but the results can be interesting none the less. The last poll was "The West City club night qualifying games are best of 3 legs 401. Do you prefer 401 or 501 for these games?" The results were well in favour of 501 by approx 76% to 24%.

It seems that the tried and true 501 is hard to shift, probably because it is the standard and 401 can be over just that bit quicker if one good score (say 120+) is hit by a player, not giving the other player much time to get back in the game. The difference between 401 and 501 doesn't seem a lot but it can have that kind of impact on a game. I know that 401 was brought in to speed the night along as often the final wasn't finishing until around midnight. Not much of a concern if you are not used to reaching a semi-final or final but a late finish for those that do and the volunteers who run the night's event and others who have to close up the club. So maybe 401 will be persevered with by those setting the rules on club night despite the poll result. Just for the record I voted for 401 :)


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