Friday, June 13, 2014

Club Night Results - Thursday 12th June

Another great turnout for Club Night with 36 players entering the Singles. This week it was the old guard contesting the final, Monty Tuhua and Mike Day. This rivalry has been keen especially over the last couple of years, and this time Monty ran out the winner. Mike beat big scoring Mick Lacey (6 x 180s on the night) in his semi-final and Monty beat the consistent Blair Hutchison in his semi-final.

Mick Lacey x6; Monte Tuhua x5; Dean Faithfull x2; Geoff Koster x2; Daniel Smith x1
High Finishes:
Geoff Koster 104; Jack Mitchell 116, 120; Charles Shiers 120; Anthony Benitez 121; Mick Lacey 126, 164; Dean Webster 128.

Sorry Mike and Monty about the picture... sometimes I can't help myself  ;) - Rockirad


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