Saturday, May 24, 2014


43 players entered the Ashes Championship on Thursday night 22nd May. This was a great turn out for a competition celebrating players and members past... and it was one of the club's stalwarts who fittingly took it out.

Special mention again goes to Heemi Johnson for making the semi finals this week and beating the normally prolifice Mick Lacey on the way. Heemi is consitantly putting in these good perfomances at the moment

Mick Lacey x 3; Monte Tuhua x 2; Steve Hanley x 1; Dean Faithfull x 1; Jack Mitchell x 1; Deon Toki x 1; Blair Hutchison x 1.

High Finishes:
100 - Monte Tuhua; 101 - Mike Day, Colleen Curreen; 103 - Colleen Curreen, Gary Whyte;
111 - Charles Shiers; 114 - Frank Riddell; 116 - Peter Bloomfield; 151 - Blair Hutchison; 157 - Dean Webster.


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