Friday, May 9, 2014

Club Night Results - Thursday 9th May

There was a big turn out for Club Night singles with a new format employed. Players were grouped into sections based on their current club ranking (gained from results this year), rather than the previous format of a random draw. So the top 6 players were in group 1, the next best 6 in group 2 etc. This means players in the lower groups have a chance to qualify for the KO stages of the night as well as some of the top 6 players inevitably going out in the round-robin group stage. Despite this though the final was still won by one of the top 6 with Mick Lacey again running out the winner this time against Steve Hanley.

Top 6 Group this week - Dean Webster, Mick Lacey, Mike Day, Monte Tuhua, Jack Mitchell, Geoff Koster
 I understand the groups will be reassesed as the weeks go on based on each players continued results so some will likely drop out of the top 6, some come in and so on with the other groups. The make-up of each group will also be affected by who turns up on the night. It is an interesting variation on the Club Night Singles, but I think one that could benefit players of all levels. Even players in the bottom group should benefit as they will be playing against players of a similar level, have a chance to qualify fo the KO stages (which they may have previously had little hope of) and also have the incentive to get into the next group up with some good results, in the course of which they can see how they compare to players around their own ability. Obviously my thoughts only, open to comments on this one...

Full KO Rounds results sheet is here

Special mention this week goes to Bill Johnson with his first 180. Well done Bill.
Best of the best were Mick Lacey with 7 x 180's and 3 ton plus finishes and Mike Day with 5 x 180s and 3 ton plus finishes.


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