Friday, May 16, 2014

Club Night Results - Thursday 15th May

Another big turn out for the Club Night Singles on Thursday. The qualifying round robin groups were again seeded with the top group this week being Mick Lacey, Mike Day, Monte Tuhua, Geoff Koster, Stephen Holt and Steve Hanley, so some of the best weren't going to qualify. However one who did qualify went on to win the night... and again it was Mick Lacey. Mick defeated Deon Toki in the Final 2-0 and finished the second leg with an impressive 104 finish, T16/S16/D20.

Monte Tuhua x 3; Mick Lacey x 3; Mike Day x 2; Steve Hanley; Frank Riddell; Olivia Curreen; Lloyd Watters; Blair Hutchison.

High Finishes:
Pat O"Connor 100; Isaac Lewis 105; Jim Hennah 106, 120; Deon Toki 106, 151; Mick Lacey 104, 110; Monte Tuhua 139.


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