Friday, April 18, 2014

Poll Results: Would you miss this blog if it closed?

The last Poll I ran was -Would you miss this blog if it closed? ...and the results are in !

Hmmm... only 24 voters. Thought the readership that might participate might have been bigger?

Thanks to those who left comments of support for the blog's continuance. Interestingly most of the comments came from outside of Auckland !

Poll Results

12  (50%) - Yes I would miss it but give us more info about upcoming tournaments and events
9  (37%) - Yes, I would miss it like I miss double 20 when I need it
6  (25%) - Yes I would miss it but it needs more about what's going on in Auckland darts, not just West City
6  (25%) - Yes I would miss it but it needs better content, interesting articles
0  (0%) - No, I wouldn't miss it at all

Voters: 24 (voters could vote for more than one answer)

The Comments posted were:

I would like to say that I know myself, it can be a thankless task at times...The club does get the benefit of putting its name along with others on the web scene for all to see.
I think if people were to expect for more than a person can give (hey its all voluntary)
Then one would have to ask for support from others in contributions to the content and also admin in placing it on the blog. If this was not forthcoming then I believe it would be difficult to carry on and produce to what people have as expectations.
I'm sure we can all understand coming home from work and preparing for a game night, for web hosts its doing a lot of admin to keep people informed. Peter was doing a fantastic job for good while and eventually it does take it toll.I think this is a great site and you should be commended for it and perhaps rewarded for your time and input by the club. I would have no hesitation in doing such. You have my total admiration and I can say on behalf of ex-pat kiwis we love to read the articles and keep up to date with the club news etc...
I for one would be willing to add content from here (if you can stand aussie news) sorry Mick.. Mike will put you right on that one...
Cheers and beers.
Paul Williams 

I agree totally with Paul, but saying it is "duplicated" shouldn't stop you from writing. Ngauru has done a fantastic job in getting the followers on facebook, why should that stop you? To both Mike Day and Mike Radford keep up the good work with the website, I have heard nothing negative to the West City website, it has all been positive !! Doesn't that count for something? Anonymous

im always on this site, keep it going. its good to c how the Auckland darts scene is going........ beastie...
Its a website I like to visit regularly to see what's happening in Auckland darts. Tournaments happening up that way as well as darting interest stories.Hope to see it continue. CC.


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