Friday, April 11, 2014

Club Night Results - Thursday 10 April

Mick Lacey once again took out the final on the Club Night Singles. He is proving to be formidable this year and has raised the bar at the club (no not the one you drink at...!). I can't help feeling the rest of the regular players are going to have to raise their bar as well to try and beat him.

Special mention this week though has to go to one player and that is youth player Stacey Heavey on making the final to play Mick. Stacey is definitely a handful when she is on her game and is full of promise for the future. She has been racking up some decent results this year at various events... keep it up Stacey !

Nathan Holt; Lloyd Watters; Dean Faithfull; Lloyd Tomkins; Dave Curreen; Mick Lacey x 3.
High Score: 
Mick Lacey 164
High Finishes:
100 Dave Curreen; 103 Frank Riddell; 110 Blair Hutchison; 128 Jordan Lacey; 148 Mick Lacey.


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