Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thursday Club Night Format...

As those who have been present on club nights for the last two weeks will know, the qualifying group stage format has been changed from 'Best of Three - 501' to 'Best of Three - 401'. The consequent knockout rounds then revert back to 501. Along with a prompt 7.30pm start this has resulted in the night finishing around 11pm instead of 12pm.

For my part I am more inclined to hang around and watch the final at 11pm (I actually always hope to be in the final but I guess my average is going to have to go up a bit for that to happen), as it still means getting home at a reasonable time. I am guessing most players have welcomed the new format and the more acceptable time for the night to finish but actual feedback is always good (you can use the comments). As well as the time factor I think 401 is also a bit of a leveler, giving everybody more of a chance at beating a better opponent. My vote is to keep the 'Best of Three - 401'... what's yours?

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  1. Could also try divisional play, and keep the top card on 501 and subsequent cards on 401 and 301 etc...and promote top person from each week to the next level up. This may enable to finish all play sooner! They had this similar approach quiet sometime ago I believe...