Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Darts 101 - Tip No.1: The Coin Toss

The coin toss for who throws first for the bull which then in turn decides who gets to throw first in a game is the traditional way to start a game. But is there a secret to winning the coin toss? Winning that toss is crucial when it come to the deciding leg. If you win the toss and get to throw first at the bull you can get a good shot in and block site of the bull for your opponent, assuming you don't hit the inner bull and have to take it out. But if you do hit the inner bull and have to take it to give your opponent a clear shot at the bull, then you have the psychological adavantage... or do you? Anyway... here is Darts 101 Tip No.1 from Father Ted and Dougal. Watch Dougal and he will show you how to win that vital coin toss !


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