Saturday, March 22, 2014

Club Night Results - Thursday 20th March

41 players entered Club Night on Thursday 21st March. A mention must go to youth player Jack Mitchell who made the semi-finals again and looks like a good prospect for the future if he keeps progressing. The club is actually looking strong on the youth front with the likes of Jack, Nathan Holt, Stacey Heavey and Aimee Holt just to mention a few. As usual the Main Event (being the Final) was between two of the big guns Mike Day and Mick Lacey. This week Mike prevailed and went some way towards making up for the frustration of losing last week's final to Monte Tuhua. Another mention goes to Mick Lacey for another 170 finish as well.

Club Night Knockout Round Results

180’s: (All x 1) Gary Smith, Monte Tuhua, Dave Curreen, Mike Day, Stephen Holt, Olivia Curreen, Ken Moir, Mick Lacey.
HIGH FINISHES:  102 Olivia Curreen; 105 Monte Tuhua; 112, 118 Mike Day; 119 Lloyd Watters; 120 Geoff Koster; 120 Stephen Holt; 128 Frank Riddell, 170 Mick Lacey


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