Friday, February 28, 2014

Club Night Results - Thursday 27th Feb

There were 30 entries for club night with youth players featuring strongly. 16 players qualified for the knockout rounds with 4 of these being youth players, namely Jack Mitchell (getting to the semi finals), Jordan Lacey, Billie Johnson and Charles Shiers. Dion Toki, who is in hot form at the moment, took out the final over Geoff Koster.

High Finishes: 
114 Stephen Holt, 136 Mike Radford, 136 and 120 Dion Toki
2 x Dion Toki, 2 x Geoff Koster, 1 x Llyod Watters, 1 x Gary Whyte, 1 x Dean Webster.

Knockout Rounds Results


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