Saturday, February 22, 2014

Auckland Area Singles Results - 22nd Feb

There was a great turn out today with 22 ladies and 36 Men for the Auckland Area Singles. The Auckland Ladies and Mens Teams were also announced

Ladies Singles - 11 Qualifiers

1st Round Knock Out
Tina Osborne beat Rachel Phillips
Colleen Curreen beat Stacey Heavey
Charlene TePaki beat Maria I

Quarter Finals
Sandra Melgers beat Ruth Blackwell
Tina Osborne beat Peggy Wikaira
Charlene Te Paki beat Colleen Curreen
Nga Smythe beat Loretta Hunter

Semi Finals
Tina Osborne beat Sandra Melgers
Charlene Te Paki beat Nga Smythe

Tina Osborne beat Charlene Te Paki 4-2

Winner - Tina Osborne

Tina Osborne hit the only 180 for the Ladies 

Tina Osbourne
Charlene Te Paki
 Men’s Singles - 16 Qualifiers

1st Round Knock Out
Bob Miller beat Dean Cameron
Tukina Weko beat Chris Taylor
Phil Cave beat Geoff Koster
Deon Toki beat Andre Albertyn
Tom Williams beat Barry Kapa
Greg T beat Mike Collett
John Sinclair beat Peter Page
Mick Lacey beat Monte Tuhua

Quarter FinalsTukina Weko beat Bob Miller
Deon Toki beat Phil Cave
Tom Williams Beat Greg T
Mick Lacey beat John Sinclair

Semi Finals
Deon Toki beat Tukina Weko
Tom Williams Beat Mick Lacey

Deon Toki beat Tom Williams

Winner - Deon Toki
Deaon Toki
Tom Williams
Auckland Area Teams

Peggy Wikaira
Charlene Te Paki
Tina Osborne
Nga Smythe
Colleen Curreen

Monte Tuhua
Mike Day
Cody Harris
Tukina Weko
Tom Williams


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