Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Follow Mike Day at the BDO World Champs on a Live Stream

Mike Day is the third game on in the Wednesday Jan 7th evening session. The games start at 6pm UK time so Mike could be on the oche around 8pm UK time which would be 9am Thursday Jan 8th here in NZ, this time is only my approximation though.
If you haven't seen the comments from the last few previous posts here about Mike there is an 'Anonymous' comment that there is live streaming of the BDO World Champs at http://sportsbun.com/bdo-world-darts-championship-2014-live-streaming-online/ 
I haven't been to the live stream myself yet but let us know in the comments if you have tried it.


  1. Hi I have found a better link. Its on Euro Sport live and BBC2 (http://linkerstv.com/?p=197) delayed so you can get two shots at watching it. My son watched the bbc2 link while I was at work and loved it. Ill post the Eurosport link later tonight.

  2. this is the eurosport link http://www.time4tv.com/2012/01/live-sports-3.php

  3. here is another working eurosport link i've found http://toptvchannels.com/videos/live-sports-channel-3/

    1. Thanks sanam for working eurosport link but I needed eurosport news links that I've searched and find one http://desistreams.net/live-tv/eurosport-news