Friday, January 31, 2014

Club Night Results - Thursday 30th Jan

30 players entered the Club Night Singles with 15 qualifying for the knockout rounds. The eventual winner was Mick Lacey who left some good players in is wake en-route to the final against Dean Faithfull. Mick won the final 2-1 as both players impressed.

Mick Lacey in the Final with scorer Frank Riddell looking on
Preliminary Knockout Round
Dean Faithfull bt Dave Curreen
Jack Mitchell bt Olivia Curreen
Frank Riddell bt Joseph Gallina
Jim Hennah bt Stephen Holt
Geoff Koster bt Mike McLeod
Mike Radford bt Kristal McDermott
Steve Hanley bt Monte Tuhua
Mick Lacey bye

Quarter Finals
Dean Faithfull bt Jack Mitchell
Frank Riddell bt Jim Hennah
Geoff Koster bt Mike Radford
Mick Lacey bt Steve Hanley

Semi Finals
Dean Faithfull bt Frank Riddell
Mick Lacey bt Geoff Koster

Mick Lacey bt Dean Faithfull

Geoff Koster (2), Monte Tuhua, Claudette Smith

High Finishes
Geoff Koster 128, 125, 100
Jim Hennah 116
Steve Hanley 108
Stephen Holt 105


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