Monday, January 6, 2014

BDO World Champs - Mike Day 3 Sam Head 0

Mike Day has got off to a great start beating Englishman Sam Head in their Preliminary Round clash. Mike now goes on to play Glen Durrant of England in the First Round proper. One early shock in the tournament is that reigning world champ Scott Waites has already been knocked out in the first round by Alan Norris. If Mike beats Durrant he will go on to play Norris in the Second Round. Go Mike !

Mike Day (New Zealand) 3 v 0 Sam Head (England)

Set 1

0:1    Despite hitting 2 140s Mike Day fails to break the throw and Sam goes into a 1:0 lead
0:2    Sam hits a 12 dart leg to lead with a 142 out
1:2    A high scoring leg by Mike sees him pull a leg back
2:2    Again, Mike hits ton plus scores to equal the match
3:2    The 5th leg sees Mike kick off with 100 and going onto hit 140 and double 10 finish to take the first leg

Set 2

1:0   Mike wins the 4th consecutive leg with 2 100 scores and a 46 out shot
2:0   Starting with 174 Mike hits 140 and 100 to take the second leg in 14 darts
2:1   Sam pulls one back against the throw
3:1   Mike wins the set with 100 and 140 scores to move into 2-0 lead

Set 3

0:1    Sam scores high in this opening leg opening with 140 and finishing on double 16
1:1    Mike comes back again with a 107 out to level the set
1:2    Sam keeps throw in this see-saw set with his own 109 out
2:2    Mike opens with 140 and 100 before hitting 16 to put him within one leg of the match
3:2    The final leg sees Sam lose the throw and Mike moves to the next round

Averages: Mike Day: 25.96 Sam Head: 24.56

Highest Outshot: 142 Sam Head

Result report courtesy BDO


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