Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Super Series continues for Non top 16 players

Plate Division (Non top 16 Players)
All the super series players that missed out on the top 16 go into a separate knockout series.
They will play best of 7, 2 life knockout
The points system starts again. Prize money will be paid out to the top 8.
The cost to play will be $5.00 per week per person. (total to be paid $15.00 each)

The players eligible to play in the Plate division are:

Aimee Holt, Blair Neverman, Charles Shiers, Colleen Curreen, Dave Curreen, David Day
Emma Heavey, Frank Speight, Gary Whyte, Geoff Koster, Glenn Holt, Heemi Johnson, Isaac Lewis, Jack Mitchell, Jason Amos, Jim Hennah, Joseph Gallina, Lou Williams, Mark Whitehouse
Matthew Day, Olivia Curreen, Pat O'Connell, Peter Melville, Rob Scott, Rob Webb, Sonia Lewis and
Steve Hanley.


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