Sunday, November 10, 2013

Results from Westcity Darts Singles Championships

Thursday night was West City's Singles Championships.
There was a reasonable turn out for the event with many high quality games along the way.

I n the Ladies Championship, Olivia Curreen continued her remarkable year winning the the title for the first time against an inform Maine Ngametua.
The ladies qualifiers were Peggy Wikaira, Stacey Heavey, Olivia Curreen, Loretta Hunter, Claudette Smith, and Maine Ngametua.

Quarter finals.
Peggy Wikaira defeated Stacey Heavey, Olivia Curreen defeated Loretta Hunter,

Semi Finals
Olivia defeated Peggy,
Maine Ngametua defeated Claudette Smith

Olivia defeated Maine.

In the mens Championship Monty Tuhau was on fire as he held on to retain his title.

Quarter finals.
Monty defeated Jeff Harold
Dean Webster defeated Deon Toki
Mike Day defeated Dave Curreen
Geoff Koster defeated Peter Page

Semi Finals
Monty Tuhua defeated Dean Webster
Mike Day defeated Geoff Koster

Monty defeated Mike Day

180's Peggy Wikaira, Dave Curreen, Jeff Harold, Monty Tuhua (3)
High Finishes, Monty (120 x 2), Daniel Smith, 123


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