Friday, September 6, 2013

Results from Ashes Championship 5/9/2013

35 players competed in the Annual "Ashes" Championship last night. The Ashes combines a number of memorial tournaments in a celebration of past players who have past away.  It is an open tournament.

21 players qualified from section play. There were a number of quality games in both the qualifying section and in the main round.
In the quarter finals Steve (The Pirate) Hanley defeated Daniel Smith, Mike Day defeated Colleen Curreen, Lloyd Watters defeated Tuli Tauetau, and Monty defeated Dave Curreen.
In the semi finals Mike defeated The Pirate and Monty defeated Lloyd.
Mike and Monty battled out the final with Mike taking the win in a close game.

180's were hit by Dave Curreen and Blair Neverman, Steve Hanley

100+ finishes hit by Dean Webster (109) and Mike (158)


  1. Mike winning the final leg in 13 darts!!!

  2. well done Mike and the Pirate got a 180 as well.

  3. neil.walker40@yahoo.comOctober 12, 2013 at 11:19 PM

    Hey all you buggers at my favorite dart club in the world,great to see ya all playin not bad.
    Great results from our members all over the country,young nathan awsome bro,olivia great darts,peggy you still got it,mike day yea bro,and monty saw on tv bro,great darts to get there my mate,I better come back next year to play auck open,some body got to stop cody lol ,he has always been a awsome player. Will catch up with all soon love to all.
    aka pugwash,nelly, captain, westcity forever.