Friday, September 27, 2013

Club Night Results 26/09/13

Monty warms up for the Friday Super League by winning the Club Night singles.
35 players entered the singles with 19 qualifying after section play.

In the quarter finals Jimmy Ramsay defeated Charles Shiers, Mike Day defeated Stacey Heavey, Jim Hennah defeated Nathan Holt, Monty Tuhua defeated Geoff Koster.

In the Semi's Mike defeated Jimmy Ramsay, Monty defeated Jim Hennah.

Monty defeated Mike in the final.

Steve Hanley, Monty Tuhua x 2, Dave Curren x 2, Mike Day x 2, Geoff Koster.

100+ Finishes Amber Neverman 100, Blair Neverman 116, Geoff Koster 114, Mike Radford 120, Olivia Curreen 120, Monty Tuhua 100.


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