Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sydney Darts Masters

Like many others I was in a rush to get home from darts on Thursday Night to watch the Sydney Darts Masters. With two Kiwis players in the last 16 there was added interest, particularly when one of them, Monty Tuhua, a good mate and a team member of West city Darts was playing.
When the draw came out I believed Warren Parry had a great chance to defeat Paul Nicholson, Monty's draw was far more intimidating.
As a Kiwi supporter I was a little disappointed when Warren was beaten. I still think he could have won that game but for one missed double.

The Fourth game of the night, out comes Monty, I thought he looked a little nervous (that is not a bad thing) but he also looked focussed.
The game started, it was apparent from Jackpots first throw Monty was going to have play the game of his life. In minutes Jackpot had raced to a 5-0 lead. A white wash was on the cards, Monty, as is his way, never gave up and took the 6th leg with a 62 peg.
In the final leg, Jackpot again showed why he is one of the best in  the world, the game won 6-1.

I went to bed disappointed for Monty, for West City and for New Zealand.

The next day I watched the game again without emotion.
Did Monty actually play well? My opinion, taking into account he was playing Adrian Lewis the world number 3 player, (and Adrian is playing really well) was YES Monty did play well.
He hit a number of good scores and he took a leg off the world number 3.
The reality was Jackpot just played AWESOME.
Well done Monty, you played in a televised World Darts Tournament. You showed all the qualities you have, ability, respect, humour and humility.
You did yourself and West City proud.

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  1. great work Mate getting one leg from that man it that form well done
    the Pirate