Monday, August 26, 2013

Monty Tuhua Win Sydney Masters Qualifier 2.

Sydney Darts Masters
DPA Qualifier Two
Monday August 26, Warilla Bowls Club

Monty Tuhua has defeated Kerry Whear 6-4 in the second Sydney Masters Qualifier.
Monty defeated Barry Garner 6-1 in the semi final.
Kerry Whear defeated Rob Szabo 6-3 in the other semi final.
Montys prize is a wildcard entry into the final 16 of the Sydney Masters commencing on Thursday.
More to come later.

Sydney Darts Masters
DPA Qualifier Two
Last 16

New Zealand players in red

 Brendan Cunney 6-3 Russell Stewart
Rob Szabo 6-0 Bill Aitken
Greg Major 6-0 Peter Sutton
Kerry Whear 6-4 Ricky Jones
Monty Tuhua 6-0 Alex Evans
Koha Kokiri 6-3 John Bunyard
Barry Gardner 6-3 Robbie King
Ray Kingston 6-5 Craig Caldwell

Rob Szabo 6-4 Brendan Cunney
Kerry Whear 6-4 Greg Major
Monty Tuhua 6-3 Koha Kokiri
Barry Gardner 6-4 Ray Kingston

Kerry Whear 6-3 Rob Szabo
Monty Tuhua 6-1 Barry Gardner

Monty Tuhua 6-4 Kerry Whear


  1. Wow thats so awesome. First Team NZ then Lydia Ko and now Monty into the Sydney Masters. Can't wait to see him on the telly. also see

  2. Fantastic Monty, I hope you get a good draw even though it will be the game of your life, you go and and smash them Bro'...

    All the best... Kia Kaha

  3. Good luck against Jackpot Lewis, throw him off of his rhythm