Sunday, August 11, 2013

Junior and Youth Championships

Results of the Junior and Youth championships are now on the NZ Darts Council Website.
These championships were held at the West city Darts Association from 21st - 23rd July.

The best results for Region 2

Junior Girls Singles R/up R2 T Padget
Junior Boys Singles Winners -  R2 J Penney
Youth Girls Pairs Winners -  R2 S Heavey & A Holt
Youth Boys Pairs Cons Winner  R2 B Kotze & N Holt
Youth Girls Singles Winners -  R2 S Heavey
Youth Boys Singles Cons Winner  R2 M Day
Junior Girls Pairs Winners -  R2 T Padget - B Johnson
Junior Girls Pairs Cons Winner  R2 J Phillips - A Ericksen
Junior Boys Pairs Winners -  R2 J Penney - J Kelly
Junior Boys Pairs Cons R/up R2 T Phillips - C Holt 
Youth Mixed Pairs Cons Winner  R2 M Day & G Holt
For full results please refer to the attached link to the NZ Darts Council.


  1. thx. I see no results for the mixed pairs??

  2. Not yet as I waiting for confirmation of main round places