Monday, August 26, 2013

Craig Caldwell makes Semi final of 1st Qualifier.

Sydney Darts Masters Qualifier Day 1
Beau Anderson of WA Takes first qualifier from Ben Gaiter of WA in a tight
match 6 legs to 5.
Beau’s  prize, Wildcard Spot into PDC Sydney Darts Masters final 16
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New Zealand player results below.
Round 1
Cody King 4-6 Rex Harper
Kyle Munro 1-6 Craig Caldwell
Tom Taula 0-6 Warren French
Phil Hazel 6-4 Bill Aitken
Paul Hill 2-6 Jai Monaghan
Robbie King 6-1 Peter Page
Dave Delaney 3-6 Tony Ngeru
Darren Kirk 1-6 Bill Fergus
Jamie Mathers 3-6 Monte Tuhua
Round 2
William Turner 6-4 Rex Harper
Dave Muller 3-6 Craig Caldwell
Darren Herewini 5-6 Greg Major
Preston Ridd 6-5 Barry Jouannet Jnr
Pat Oconnell 0-6 Koha Kokira
Warren French 6-3 Don Whittington
Rob Szabo 6-3 Kerry Whear
Ray Kingston 6-0 Phil Hazel
Paul Cotton 6-1 Jai Monaghan
Mark Mcgrath 6-0 Stephen Russell
Mark Mcgrath 6-0 Stephen Russell
Tony Ngeru 3-6 Bill Fergus
Monte Tuhua 5-6 Dave Platt
Round 3
Paul Neighbour 2-6 Craig Caldwell
Preston Ridd 5-6 Mitchell Clegg
Koka Kokiri 6 -4Warren French
Rob Szabo 6-1 Ray Kingston
Mark Mcgrath 6-1 Robbie King
Kim Anderson 1-6 Bill Fergus
Last 16
Ricky Jones 2-6 Craig Caldwell
Koka Kokiri 6-1 Rob Szabo
Paul Cotton 6-0 Mark Mcgrath
Bill Fergus 5-6 Mike Bonser
Quarter Finals
Craig Caldwell 6-5 Brendan Cunney
Koka Kokiri 2-6 Beau Anderson
Beau Anderson 6-3 Craig Caldwell


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