Saturday, August 31, 2013

APDE Singles this weekend

On Thursday a playoff was held to find the four West City Men and Ladies to play in this weekends APDE singles.

The four men are:
Stephen Hanley, Peter Bloomfield, Nathan Holt and Charles Shiers.
180's hit during the playoff: Dave Curreen, Jack Mitchell and Peter Smith.
100+ Finishes:  Charles Shiers 117, Geoff Koster 138, Stephen Hanley 114
100+ starts: Jack Mitchell 103, Charles Shiers 112 & 116, Geoff Koster 130, Stephen Hanley 130,
Dave Curreen 130.

Mens Fours for APDE.
Players please note there is a review being done of the playoff card from Thursday night as there was a substantial number of games played out of sequence. Even though it is a full round robin, players do not have the right to manipulate the order in which it is played. This can give some players an unfair advantage. A decision is pending to see if a playoff for the pairs will be replayed.

The Four Ladies are:
Olivia Curreen, Colleen Curreen, Stacey Heavey, Lou Williams. Reserve Jeanette Scott.

The four Ladies pairs for APDE pairs are:
Olivia & Colleen, Peggy & Stacey, Lou & Loretta, Jeanette and Maine.


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