Monday, July 29, 2013

West City retain Renee Stacey Shield

West City Mens representative team defeated Auckland Combined RSA representative team 11-3 to retain the Renee Stacey Shield yesterday.
Combined RSA fielded a strong team and the games were very competitive;  a lot closer than the score indicated.
There were 5 Auckland Region 2 players (WestCity 4; RSA 1) competing in this game and all looked in good form which bodes well for the National championships starting next week.
For the RSA team Trevor McFarlane was their player of the day.
It was difficult to single out a player of the day for West City as all players were in good form; however Tony Lee stood out in his singles game, winning the first leg in 14 darts and breaking with a 170 in his second leg.
The teams were:  West City; Monty Tuhua, Geoff Koster, Tony Lee, Ken Moir, Mike Day, Peter Page, Jeff Harold and Blair Hutchison.
RSA team were Troy Henderson, Issac Lewis, Frank Speight, Tom Williams, Deon Toki, Greg West, Trevor McFarlane and Ollie.
180’s Trevor (2),  High stars Tony Lee 170


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