Monday, July 22, 2013

Blog Now Defunct

This blog is now defunct. Thanks very much for all the support from readers and the information that used to come in on various darts events and happenings but for various reasons but mainly time I have available the blog will not be continuing.

All is not lost however as Andre Albertyn the recorder for Auckland Chartered Clubs Darts has started an Auckland website that will expand into news for NZ Darts. Click on the following link;

Ka Kite ono

1 comment:

  1. OMG I'll miss this site......Pete you have done an excellent job and should be commended for it mate, sad that no one at the club seems to not want to pick it up and run on.....
    I and may I say many many other players will miss this blog site dearly, this means I carn't give you guys sh-t so often as I could...I miss my buddies being away from home, but as the man once said "I'll be back"
    I'll buy you a bottle then Peter...might be a while though! you can always get Pete behind the bar to crack a bottle and put it on my tab!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers Peter and best of luck man..